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Thursday's DT

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I am so excited I have never started the DT before.

It is about 5:30 AM here in West Virginia. We have some very nasty weather. All the public schools are all closed today. It is the first winter storm of the season.

I have been up all night working on my last paper for a geography class. I have one paper left to turn in today. I am actually still working on it. I have a couple more hours to go. I am just taking a break right now. When I turn this paper in it will be official. My undergraduate degree will be completed. FINALLY!!!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

For those of you experiencing some of the bad weather today, be extra careful on the roadways when you go out.
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EEK it's cold, bright and a generally normal Manchester day, all except the rain.

Suki slept under the blankets with me this morning, she spent a whole hour there purring I drank some tea, poked the potted plants with a stick to see if they cried in pain, they didn't.

Tis now 10.22am and I have to buy some printer cardboard to do some personalised cards.

Have a good day.
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LOL BuNN, they may have cried inwardly.

I have been up for a while, London is wet, no revelations there. I have to take Sebastain in to the vet today for a check after his op on Tuesday. But he is fine and well, just less of a man.

Other than that plan to do a little work today on some websites. But feeling a bit of flu coming on so may just rest up today. Have a good day everyone.
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It's snowing! We're supposed to get 5 - 7 inches today. I was sitting here, b*!ching to myself that my school was the only one in the county open. Then the call came that we closed. Of course, now I'm all wired on coffee, so I can't go back to sleep yet.

Unexpected days off are the best. I still have a pile of work to do, but I can do it at my leisure instead of rushing around school like a maniac.

Eveyone who lives in the snow path, be careful today if you have to go anywhere!
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When I lived in Ontario, we used to get many feet of snow through Fall, Winter and Spring. I hated it! But now that I live in B.C. we hardly ever get snow at all! But that chill off the water is colder than any snow I've ever met~it goes right through you!
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I only have a few minutes before a unit meeting and then I have a conference call latter today! Urgh - I hate not being able just to pop in here 20 times a day! We had a nice Christmas luncheon at work today and tonight I am going to hit the busiest mall in the city for some Christmas shopping! At least I know some of the things I want to pick up - that should help

I hope everyone has a great day and I will try to be back later!
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Tis 4:26 am I was woke up by the Pacman on my head licking my face meowng"wake up mom!"
So as I write this pecking away on the keyboard. Eight little faes peer up at me. A mothers job is never done~

Keep warm.....and grow in life.

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Had a relaxing morning at the hairdressers - yes I know it sounds like I'm a lady of leisure, but I only go once every 9-10 weeks, and it's the ONLY chance I get to read a magazine, most of the time I'm rushing around checking up on cats, husband, work-work and house-work.

Anyway - I've had my usual white blonde, ginger and dark brown stripes put it, and it's beginning to look quite effective, as I'm growing my hair so you can really see the stipes now!

It's sunny and bright here - but also very cold. Sadly we don't really get snow, occasionally maybe an inch or so, but it soon melts into unsightly slush.

Doesn't the world always look dirty once the snow melts?

Come to think of it, our summers are also a similar non-event. I want it HOT when it should be hot and COLD when it should be cold!

Have a great day y'all!
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Bah. I got 2 hrs sleep last night, even after taking a sleeping pill. Boo goes into the vet this morning. I gave up on sleep about 5:45 am, earliest I've gotten up in a long time. Oh, well. Trying to make a list of ?s to ask the vet. I'm also going to have to schedule a vet appt for Jorin, he's got some sort of red irritated patch on his belly. Doesn't look like ringworm, probably allergic reaction to his new food. I've been keeping an eye on it all week, and it's getting worse. Not much, but a bit. So to the vet he goes, when I can get an appt. I'm tired and grumpy this morning.
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It's cold and sunny here! I took some vacation time and I have a four day weekend. I was planning to go to Rochester today to do some Christmas shopping, but it's just too cold! It looks like the weather will be a little better tomorrow so I will probably do my shopping then.
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Yola, your hair sound devine. I would love to see a pic, I had red highlights put in the other day and they just did not come out very striking so I would love to see how yours came out. Do you have a pic??
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burrr.... it's cold here too...

Our high will be only 70 degrees!!!


Gosh I love California!

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Sorry I just want to butt in here and say I merged to two DT's together, but I can't remember who started the other one, so I can't PM you to let you know! :laughing: SORRY!! But do continue.....
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It's a really grim pic - coz there was a very bright downlight, and mainly the blonde highlights came out rather than the red ones, but hopefully it gives you an idea . . .
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Off to Philadelphia for a professional conference today. One problem-I'm not sure the airport will be open due to all the snow! At least it's nice here in Cleveland. We've already had our 3 days of snow.

I won't be able to check in until next Tuesday, so everyone take care!

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Your hair looks awesome Yola! It is really cold in Ohio. It snowed alot last night. Fortunately, the big storm that's hit everyone passed us by, and we got only a few inches! But it's still. What is a DT?
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Yola, you look well funky. I don't know why, but I always imagined you with short dark hair.

Weather has been good today - it hasn't rained (yet)!!!!

Another boring day at work. But for some strange reason it was one of those days where everyone goes e-mail mad. I was sent a very funny mpeg today that caused me to burst out laughing, in my silent office, and then had to explain why I was howling to myself. Oops!

My boss decided today that we were going to host a conference in March 2003, for 40 odd people from around the country - and I've got to arrange this. Fine, except they only want to hold it on certain days, they want a conference room plus 3 extra rooms for off-shoot meetings. Can I get any rooms on the days they want them? Of course not. Our conference facilities are booked out in advance for the University year and I just can't think of a solution at the moment that isn't going to cost us loads of money. I'm sure something will come to me..... We have also got a Government minister coming up from London to see the project next month - I am scared I will mess up some arrangement or other and it will all end in tears.

I went Xmas shopping tonight - ok I only lasted about 10 minutes before I lost the will to live and had to come home.
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I'm up to my eyeballs in work today. Funny how that happens all the time - it's either nothing at all or overloaded with work.

It's coldish here today, high supposed to be in the 40's. At least the fog we've had for two days has cleared out. Colorado is known to be one of the sunniest states, I think we get something like 325 days of sunshine per year. It's so funny that we are known for snow when we really don't have that many snowy days. The mountains get a lot, but even when it does snow here it is usually gone within a few days.

BTW, DT= Daily Thread
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Well today my plans for kitty world domination are going well. We (The Kitty Army) have taken control of the catnip factories in Liverpool. We had very little resistance although someone did try a very fiendish plan to distract my army with a large collection of wool balls.

We intend to move forward into Wales tomorrow and gain advantage over the Welsh. They will be easy to defeat so long as we can read the place names.

Darth Bunn and his faithful Padiwan Suki Wan Kenobi.
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Phew! Sound like Yorkshire is safe for the moment..........
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Yola - stunning !!! I love your hair.

BuNN - you are a funny one. Is London still safe??
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OMG!!!...BuNN has gone from eating the kitty biscuits to smoking the catnip!!!


I know I can always count on this site to make me *grin* even when I'm feeling so Blue!

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Yola...LOVE the hair!

Worked from home today as we had our first major snow storm of the year here in DE. We got 10 inches!

I love snow and we don't get much here anymore, not like we used to when I was growing up anyway.

Was on the PC all day, and so my eyes are very tired and red right now!

Worked on my Christmas cards some and did some surfing for bachelorette party "goodies" for my girlfriend who is getting married in April. OMG I found some interesting things!
Like straws that have "things" on the end so it looks like you have "something else" in your mouth!

Not exactly the "goofy" type stuff I was hunting, but I did find some cool stuff too.

Getting ready to watch Friends, Will & Grace, Scrubs and ER. I LOVE Thursday night TV!
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