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Missy's pregnant, she's not pregnant, she' pregnant....

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First timer...for a few things. I read the forum question about the minimal weight gain for a queen; this is my first litter, for a cat, and I'm getting concerned. She has all the normal signs; sleeps a lot, sweet cuddly lover ...she's even showing a small underbelly...but when examine her, I don't feel any movement. Last year my guinea pig, Sue MaGoo, had a litter of 2, and they were bumbling, tumbling, kicking and twisting. I'm afraid. Is this normal for a small liter? From the research I've found, I'd be surprised if she had two. She's due approx. July 4th, +/-. Can anyone put me at ease and not feel so worried? Or should I be really concerned?

I'd put in a photo, but it's confusing.
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Best thing is for a vet check, we can't see or feel your cat. Are you a breeder?
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No, I'm not a breeder...just an animal lover. I would love to take her to the vet, however, I lost my job last August and have not worked since. Money is real tight at the moment. This situation is completely new to me so I don't know what is normal and what isn't. A few nights ago she was snuggled up with me and I'm pretty sure I felt something then. I'm just a new cat owner and this whole scenario is one I never thought I'd be in. Because this is all new, like the little weight gain during pregnancy question, I guess I would have expected something more than what is happening. I appreciate your responses. I'm just a first time nervous mom.
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It's a tiny bit early to be sensing movement, I'd say. Is she bulging at the sides at all? A picture would be helpful.

It's generally around fifty days when you'll start spotting obvious movement--if she's due on the 4th of July, you might want to start looking around the 18th, but more likely it'll show around the 20th. I wouldn't worry!

Also, you could check her nipples. They should be pretty pink, and maybe not have as much hair around her breasts as before she was pregnant.
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Is there any way you can borrow the money to get to a vet to confirm? if money is tight, the best thing to do is to have her spayed, if she is pregnant and has complications, it could cost a lot of money, and it also costs a lot of money to provide food, litter, worm, flea and vacc for kittens - bearing in mind she could have anything up to 8. Good luck.
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With my girls, I started feeling the kittens move 2 weeks before they delivered. Actually, it was 2 weeks exactly on both Sasha and Missy. So it may still be a little early for your girl. I will add your girl to our "Kitten Watch" thread here:

Please keep us updated!
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plus people don't realize that it is EXPENSIVE to raise a litter! They will start sampling adult food around 4 weeks or so and then they don't stop until 10-12 weeks which you need to keep them with mom until. They need food, litter, toys, and then comes the vet visits. They need 3-4 rounds of vaccines when they are young ($$$) plus what if she needs an ER visit to the vet at 3am due to complications? That is so unbelievably expensive. There are low cost clinics all over the place, we can help you find one and you could have her spayed right away to avoid all this extra expense. It is safer and healthier for the cat especially if money is so tight.
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you probably won't notice any movement until a week or two before she gives birth.
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I'm sure my post may be forgotten as I've been real busy and I'm just now reading your replies. I'm pro-choice, but I could never spay her if she is pregnant. To me that's cruel. I'm not worried about the money. The resourses of internet information and sites like this are to gain information. As this is new to me, I'm researching as much as I can, and no where did I read that movement could only be felt about 2 weeks prior, give or take. That was exactly what I needed to understand about a cats pregnancy. I don't see a reason to pay a vet for that one sentance. Every animal is different and with the animals I am familiar with and had pregnancy experience, they all had movement much sooner. I noticed a while back that her nipples suddenly seemed to be more noticeable...and, well, it's the perfect colour of pink. (what inspiration for a new crayon colour name )
I do appreciate all the advice.
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