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Violent cat!! Need help please.

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Need advice quick. My Mother who was 57, passed away sudenly a week ago, leaving me
with her 3 year old male nutered cat. He has been happy and healthy in his home
with my Mom for the 3 years that she has had him, but becomes extreamly violent
when he is taken out of his home.Towards all other animals and all people,
including me. She had said that she wanted him put to sleep should anything
to her due to him not being placeable.But I can not do this. She loved him dearly
and her loss has been hard enough,much less destroying "Rufus" who I fed
and spend time with everyday in his home. I am considering trying to
bring Rufus into my home as he is lonley with out his mama.I only have a laundry
room in which to place him away from my 7 other cats and 2 dogs.
From past expierance, when I've baby "kitty" sat him in my home, that did not go well,
and he would attack me violently everytime I walked in the room. At his own
house, where he still is, he loves me to death. I so do not want to put him to sleep,
and am looking for any ideas that might help him adapt to a new home with me.
Thank you to all. Kat
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I would recommend trying a feliway diffuser in the room with him. It is supposed to really help with aggression...(pheremones, etc.)
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First of all, I am SO sorry to hear about your mother. Doubtless you feel robbed of so much time with her and horribly saddened. My mom passed away on her 60th birthday and it was very hard for me when it happened. My thoughts and prayers are with you. It is so good of you to help with her cat while you are going through your own grieving.

For introducing this type of cat (as you have described him) to a new home, the smaller the space, the better. I was going to suggest that you put him in a kitty condo and cover it with a blanket so he will feel secure. You might be able to borrow one from a local shelter.

The laundry room also sounds viable. If I were you I would give him a hiding spot in the laundry room, like an upside down cardboard box with a hidey hole cut into it. Let him stay in there as long as it takes for him to become secure there.

You should be sure and bring all his bedding, his toys, his litter, food, and worldly possessions into the laundry room too so that he feels as much at home as possible in his little space. And follow his routine from your mom's house, the same feeding times, the same food, the same play sessions and pettings. He is lucky he has you because he knows your voice and smell and this will calm him over time.

If I were you I would do all my laundry before bringing him in, and plan not to use the washer or dryer for about a week until he is settled.

As for the other cats, I am not sure that he will adapt to your family. Did he ever warm up to your pets when you babysat him in your home? I am asking because it sounds like he is set in his ways and he is the "king bee" and would be very upset not to have the whole place to himself.

If he does not adapt to your home, that does not mean he will not be able to adapt to another home as a single kitty. I can give you advice for how to find him another good home if that is what you decide to do. Let me know. I have done this for special needs cats and even though it can take a while, it is not impossible and you will be greatly rewarded for having invested the time. It may seem tough on him to stay in a separate room until he can find a forever new home, but so long as he gets love and petting, he will maintain. Bless you and my thoughts are with you during this sad time in your life :-(
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I, too, am so sorry for your loss. You are a deeply caring and humane person and animal lover. I can only agree with Barb above - what wonderful, insightful advice!!!! I second everything she said. You might want to put i CD player in there with soft harp or piano music with the feliway as well as her blankets.
Peace be with you and Rufus
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Thank you everyone for your wonderful advice and kind words and prayers. Rufus used to love to come visit at my home when he was in his first year but due to illness, Mom was unable to bring him on regular visits and after a 5 month period, when returning again, he seemed to have "forgotten" his friends here at my home. So he no longer came to visit again due to the last visit when he attacked everyone and everything he saw. I will follow all the advice everyone has given and pray alot. He is really a sweet, loving boy in his own home. I have been told by well meaning friends that he may mourn himself to death without my Mom because she passed at home with him there durning the night and he "knows" she is gone. I on the other hand, think that this will help him to adjust without her because if he knows she is not coming back, he will not be waiting for her to return. Maybe wishful thinking. Again, thank you all for your replies. Bless you
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Before you do anything, I'd keep the cat confined to a small room or large cage and give him a trial run of a few weeks or months. Give yourself and house/pets a deadline of your choosing. He may be violent for only a few weeks then settle down.

But do NOT introduce him to any other cats/dogs/people till you find out whether or not he will adjust to things. After your deadline, then make your decision on whether he is ok or has to be put down.

If you keep him, introduce him very slowly. Because of the reactions, you can't just rehome him because another person may not take the time necessary to help him adjust.

I wish you luck and hope things turn out good. But even if you have to make that decision you don't want to make, at least you know you tried
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