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I'm upset and don't know what to do! Boo and I were cuddling, I finally coaxed her out from under the bed. I showed her where her litter box was, and she suddenly spooked and went back under the bed! Now she won't come out, and she hissed at me when I tried to calm her down! Not only that, she attacks me whenever I come near!
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Just leave her be for now. Put some food in the room for her, make sure she has a litterbox near her but not near the food and just leave her alone. If you haven't taken a shower, go take one, you could have a smell on you she is reacting to.

The only other reason she would act out, is if she is somehow injured, but if she is hiding and stressed, you won't know that until she lets you near her to handle her. Just keep an eye on her, make sure she is eating and drinking and using her litter pan.
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unfortunately I can't feed her, as she can't have food before surgery. Also, not sure about showering, as her litterbox is in our bathroom I just don't know why she turned so suddenly!
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Ok sorry, not able to keep up with all the posts. So don't feed her and leave her be. But put the carrier in the room with her and put toys in it for her to get used to it.
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I can do that much, at least. The carrier is already in the bathroom. I'm afraid she may attack us in the night, though. And I have to catch her in the morning, to take her to the vet. I'd prefer to shut her in the bathroom tonight, but I have to get her in there. Would Dr. Bach's help calm her enough that she won't attack me?

Part of the problem is that she's in heat...again... is it normal for her to be in heat every 2 weeks?
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She may sense something is up. Maybe you should disguise the carrier, maybe by throwing a blanket over it or something. If she has a thing that she likes to lay on ot cuddle with, it would be helpful to make it availble to her where she is now.
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I tried giving her the dr. bachs in some chicken broth-no go. She did however, come up and let me pet her, then turned on me again. Purring to hissing in .0005 sec. Poor psycho kitty! Well, with the help of gardening gloves and a leather jacket, I got her out from under the bed again. She is now in the bathroom with the light on, her litter box, her carrier, and her water. And the dr. bachs she refused earlier. And, as soon as I got her from the bed, she was a purring bundle of love, who wanted to snuggle up with me in the bathroom! I swear she's psycho!!! We'll see how she does in the morning, and if we get any sleep tonight! She's also very vocal...
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If she has a spay in the morning at midnight take her water away.
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Too late! But I took it away when I got up. They never said anything about it. She was very sweet this morning. She spent the night in her litterbox, probably because the bathroom was too bright for her. Silly me forgot a nightlight for her. I'll remedy that today. She's also probably a little frightened by the light, she's used to a dim basement, maybe the light hurts her eyes? I got no sleep last night, worrying about her, but afraid to check on her for fear she'd turn on me again!
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