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I just had a "I did nothing" day

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Except veg on the couch and watch a TV Marathon.

Actually I really didn't mean to, but I turned on and found this show called "Everest: Beyond the Limit" and just really got into the show.

Next thing I know it's 7:30 and oops...I guess I should work on some projects

It really felt good to just become one with the couch. I just felt so blah this weekend.
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Lucky you!
My weekend was so busy.
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I did pretty much the same thing

Well I cleaned the livingroom and washed the floors in the morning, then went to the beach.

BUT after the beach at like 7pm, I had a nap I don't know HOW I'm going to sleep tonight. I always have a nap on Sundays and its a big mistake
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I've spent all weekend like that!

We also have a long weekend (public holiday!), so I've already spent the weekend watching movies and now I'm spending Monday doing the exact same thing!

I love doing nothing! Its so relaxing!
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Ohh I would love a day like that! I am in desperate need of one, where I can just do nothing all day. My exams will be over next week and then I have a 3 week holiday so I can have a couple of days a week that I can totally veg out!
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Ooohh, I looove days like that! But its been so nice out, I feel guilty spending the days indoors! I wait to have days like that when its gloomy & rainy!

I'm glad you enjoyed your day though! Those days are the best
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We call those "pajama days" and I love those days! They are particularly good if there's a nasty storm raging outside because nobody comes to the door, either!
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Aren't those great to have!!!!
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I love days like that! I didn't have a do nothing day this weekend at all. I love when I am busy!
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