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I love my cats.

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I just have to say this. I love them. They are nothing but pure joy in my life. Whether they are waking me up at 3 in the morning or cuddling with me in bed at night.

There is nothing better or more entertaining than cats. I wish I could sit down and have a convo with them. Ohhhh..If I only knew what they were thinking.

This is a pointless thread. But I needed to put it out there.
My little weirdo,
The princess,
And Forest. I love you. Thanks for being my friend.
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Aww, it isn't pointless. We all love out cats.
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I love our cats, too, especially my Lily. Feeling her fur makes me happy. I love how she meows and does her throaty talking. She always answers me when I talk to her. I love how she's all happy and excited when she comes to me for some affection. My heart melts when she gives me lovey eyes, and I laugh at all her different expressions.

I guess I kinda know what you are talking about.
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I guess I kinda know what you are talking about.
Thank you for replying! I just wanted to say "hey I love my cats!" and it felt good! Sometimes you just want to tell people how much you love em'. Which is why I posted. I had a poopy day, and they make me feel better. What better than a cat site that can empathize with that feeling?

My cats are awesome! I love peeps who love their cats. They are so weird, but cool at the same time. It's amazing how much you can care for them and they don't speak you language! lol
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I love my boys, too. Spud is so laid back but quite talkative and so loving. Siam is quite the little clown, very entertaining and while he gives out the loves on his terms they are well worth the wait. I tell them I love them all the time. I can't imagine my life without either one!
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I can't believe how much I love Trout
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It does feel good to tell others how much we love our kitties, especially because we can't tell them... at least not in words, y'know? But goodness yes, they make us so happy, don't they? I know I'm always talking about my Clyde and Pearl, the two kitties who are really mine... but my mom's four are precious, too. Just tonight, I walked out into the kitchen and Sassy, a beautiful fluffy longish-haired calitortie, plump and round, was asleep on the kitchen table. (That's a battle we gave up fighting long ago.) As soon as she heard me come into the room, she leapt to her feet, leaned as far as she could past the edge of the table, and tilted her cheek up toward me, hoping for a scritch. Sassy just cannot give or receive enough love... if you pet her, she will grab your hand in both front paws and lick your fingers just to thank you.

Yup, kittycats are the greatest.
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It's nice to say it isn't it - other people often just don't understand!!

I absolutely adore my 3 girls - they always make us smile and they regularly do things to say "I love you" back, which is THE greatest reward
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Yup, kittycats are the greatest
Exactly. The feild I work in I deal with people ( if that's what you want to call them) who don't care about pets.

I love this site because it reminds me that people do love their pets and hold them in the same regard as I do my own. Which is why I knew if I posted a "I love my pets" thread peeps would understand.

Thank you for loving your animals. They do know how much you love them. There are millions of pets out there that are not as lucky as ours. So hug them tight.
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I totally agree, Harley & Bayley are my pride and joy. Seeing their faces the first thing in the morning adn the last thing at night, they make me smile no matter what!

I love them more than John most days
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I love my Sambo and Rina.
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I love my kitties so much too!!!

They both have their own unique personalities and facial expressions and little quirks, and heaven knows they can both be so affectionate that it can be nauseating sometimes....but even so they are the light of my life and I can't imagine not having either of them in my life.
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Same here!
Rina needs extra since she nearly broke her little foot yesterday.
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Aww that is soo sweet!!!
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That was in no way pointless. I LOVE my little freak call Karma Monkey. I love the way she paces the bed in the morning waiting for me to get up. I love the way she finally gives up and crawls into bed and falls back asleep. I love how she calls for me when she is hungry or needs attention. I even love the scratches and bite marks I get when I am spending too much time online and not enough time with her. I love the hula dance I get when I come home from work.
Thank you for starting this. You made me realize how much I LOVE the little freak.
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I'd be lost without my girls
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Originally Posted by SammyMyKitten View Post
Same here!
Rina needs extra since she nearly broke her little foot yesterday.
Awwww, the poor little thing

Trout is on my lap right now
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We all love our cats here. And we all know what it's like to all of a sudden have an urge to tell everyone. Especially when they do something extremely cute that makes us fall in love with them all over again.
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