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More Spike Pictures!

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Spike's website has been updated with more pictures! http://www.patshead.com/spike/gallery6.html
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what a sweetie. and such personality!
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he is very cute, I love the present pics
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I also LOVE his name LOL
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Adorable pics!! He is sooo schweeet!! I love the pic of him with his paws hanging over the couch (?) and his head tilted... what a poser... he's cute and he knows it!!
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Aww that is so cute! I love the present ones! Do you buy presents for your cat? I wish I knew Peedoodles birthday! I guess I will have to make one up.
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Spike sure gets lot of prezzies! LOL That's so cool you had a birthday party for him. He's such a cutie! Great pics!
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we decided our kittens birthday was the same as mine. We got them at about 12 wks old on July 16, and my birthday is April 15.
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Spike said "Meow!" when told him you liked his pictures... I think that translates to "Thank you!" (I, of course, think he's adorable, but I might be slightly biased. )
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Hehe nout wrong with that, all kitties are lovely Suki's nicer though, lol :tounge2:
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Jenn, Spike is adorable! I love all of his pics, but especially the birthday ones!!

My dog gets a party, so why not my kitty!! Though I guess it's not quite the same. . . I can't invite my kitty's friends over LOL
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Jennifer!!! I love the pictures!!!! I especially liked the ones of him in the basket, and also the 4th one down on the left side is one of my favorites!!! What a beautiful cat he is!!!!!!
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