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Cat Peeing Abnormally

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My cat Pillow is still using the litter box 90% of the time. He would only pee elsewhere about once every 2 or 3 days. The first time it was my comforter, but that was because he just came home. I washed the comforter, and I guess the urine odor didn't wash out, so he peed on it again. I thought this was all normal until 3 days ago.

I brought back some dry cleaning, and my friend came over. And he peed on my dry cleaning. The dry cleaning was wrapped in a plastic bag, so there was nothing absorbant present, so there was a puddle of urine on top of my dry cleaning. I thought this was due to the stress of me bringing a stranger. And thought nothing of it, since this was done in a spot where there was no previous urine odor, and it wasn't on anything absorbant.

This morning, he was snuggling with me when he started to pee on my arm. He was being very affectionate, crawled into my comforter, and peed on my arm. I have a bamboo mattress so there are no sheets.

I have checked the Urine for blood, but there is no sign of blood. He is pooping in the litter, and pees in the litter most of the time. Could this still be UTI? Can the VET check for UTI without me bringing a urine sample?

I can't believe he peed on my arm.
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YES, it is a good chance of a UTI. Try to get a urine sample, but take him to the vet ASAP with or without the sample. You could put out an empty litter box, he might give you a sample. This is a cry for help.
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Yep, I agree. It could also be an issue with stones, so please try and get him checked as soon as you can .
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the vet informed me that if it's stones or UTI, the symptoms would be more frequent. And urine quantity would be significantly less. he is going regularly, with regular quantities. So i tink this is purely behavioral.
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You will not know for sure unless you get him checked, or you could wait until it gets so bad he becomes blocked.
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I would at least take him in and get him checked. My dog had stones that got bad enough for mild blockages (which is what got us to the vet), but in the beginning, it was very infrequent. (Accidents can also be an indication of something wrong with the bladder). We started the C/D food as soon as we found out what was going on, and after a month or so, no problems at all with stones.

He could just have a small one that occasionally gets him clogged, but he is able to dislodge it when he moves around (like jumping on your bed?). One that is worse could kill him. I'm not trying to scare you , just trying to emphasize that it is really important to totally rule out the physical, before attributing it to the mental . I hope you get him sorted out soon .
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The best thing you can do in this situation is bring the cat to the vet... ASAP! You need to get ALL medical reasons ruled out before we can think it's something behavioral! Good Luck!
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