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Kitten Lethargy

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I'd be really grateful if anyone could give me some advice or reassurance.

Our kitten has been very active the past week, playing for a couple of hours and sleeping maybe 3 or 4 hours during the day and then 8 hours overnight. However today, while he has been playful sporadically, he has slept a huge amount and I noticed his respiratory rate looked quite high. I checked and the normal respiratory rate is supposed to be 15-40 breaths a minute (for adult cats, couldn't find a figure for kittens) but he's breathing at least 60 bpm while lying beside me.

Now he has eaten well today, looks ok and has gone to the toilet as normal so there are no other signs of being unwell. Today was 80 degrees which has been the hottest day so far in Ireland but he wasn't outside at all. I opened windows etc to cool him down. He was his old self an hour ago but after 30 minutes of play fell asleep again so that started to worry me.

Am I worrying unnecessarily or should I get him checked out?!
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if you are worried, the best remedy is to call your vet. maybe they can reassure you over the phone or you can go in for a quick visit. has your kitty drank any water?
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Last night I encouraged him to drink more and this morning he's back to his old self. I spoke to the vet and she reckoned if he was that way today bring him in but he seems fine now. It must have been the heat yesterday! Thanks
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You can help keep them cool by smoothing a cold damp face cloth over them when it's hot. I usually put ice cubes in their water bowl as well
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