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Had to share this one of Pepper!
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Then he tried to attack the camera strap!
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I just love his face in the second shot!!
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what gorgeous eyes!
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That is one sleepy kitty. I loved the pics!!! Very pretty kitty!
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oh cute

here is another sleepy kitty
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:laughing: What great pics!! How come cats always manage to look evil when they yawn!?!?!? :laughing: CUTE CUTE CUTE!!
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Great pics! Rhea you are so right about yawning kitties in pics looking like evil vampire cats. :vampireL: LOL There must be something about camera straps...I have a pic very similar to that one of Pepper, only it's a black kitten named Trent.
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Oh too cute!
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Oh they are both just adorable! :tounge2:
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I love those pics! The 1st is so adorable!
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Great pictures! Don't they look like mini-lions when they're yawning - makes them look as if they are roaring!
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