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Kitty's third eyelids showing

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My kitty Miki's third eyelids have been showing since around Friday morning. (This is the nictitating membrane) I have read that when it is so visible it can be a sign of illness and spoke to the vet, who suggested I bring him in right away. That was yesterday, and the doc checked him out and found nothing wrong with him (other than the eyelids being so visible). The eyelids go from covering about 20% of his eye to almost normal although the eyeballs themselves seem glassy and perhaps a bit shrunken in.

His temp was 102, which the doc called "normal-high." His heartrate was around 110 I think, but they said that he was agitated so it was not unusual. They did say that his heartbeat is on the faint side, but that could be due to girth (he's a fatty) or normal physiology. The doc said it did not appear to be conjunctivitis/herpes, nor upper respiratory infection nor a physical injury like a scratch since it is in both eyes. He offered a CBC/Chem and an xray but I only took the bloodwork, which was 100% normal. He did extra testing for leukemia and FIV and those were neg.

Miki is acting 100% normal. If not for his eyes I would never suspect anything wrong. The other two household cats' eyes are normal. Miki is eating, drinking and pooping/peeing. Right now he is separated from the two others so I can monitor this. He peed yesterday in the carrier after the vet visit, and this morning there was poop in the litter box. I have been feeding him some wet food to be able to tell easier if he's eating and for him to get water, and his poop was pretty much normal but on the soft side. Did not look like diarrhea. Has not peed again since yesterday evening but I can't tell you what his normal pattern is.

Am I worrying now for nothing? Doc said if things change to take him to the emergency vet again (esp. breathing problems). If nothing changes, take him in to regular vet in 2-3 days.

He is indoor only (as all of my cats are) but goes on our balcony, supervised, on occasion. No contact at all with strange cats or animals.

Any one have experience with this problem? Thank you for any help. I am very worried.
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Often the third eyelid showing is a sign of kitty cold - here's some more information of what to look for - http://www.petshealth.com/dr_library...atorycats.html

Sounds as though he seems ok otherwise, so I would just keep an eye on him. The main things to watch for are lethargy, loss of appetite, watery eyes, sneezing, and any wheezing. Also watch your other 2 and check their eyes as well, and any signs in them of being unwell. Any out of character behaviour should be noted - which cat, at what time, and how long it lasted for. It may help the vet if he does get worse.

One of our girls suffers from allergies a bit, and if she goes for a supervised walk outside, or sits near an open window too long, her eyes get irritated. Is he worse after he's been out on the balcony?

Good luck, hope he's doing better today
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Thanks for your reply

Yesterday I kept him isolated and gave him some yummy Wellness wet food and some "tuna juice" from a can of tuna, which he scarfed down. After that he did pee and he was getting annoyed w/ being locked in. He hasn't had any breathing problems or signs of watery-ness or congestion at all and today he's perfectly normal except the eyelids again. Today they are not as noticable. I'll chalk it up to allergies and continue to watch him. Since he hasn't been permitted back on the balcony yet I can't say if that would have aggravated his eyes or not

Thanks again!
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How old is he, and how long have you had him for?
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