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Prayers and positive vibes needed. Purdy missing.

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Yesterday I made a big mistake. I'm currently caring for a friend's German Shepherd while his owner is out of state. The dog and my cats have irreconcilable differences, so I normally do not allow the dog out without being on leash if the cats are out. Yesterday I forgot that Purdy was out and tried sending the dog out into the extra lot to do his duties while I waited for him in the garage, since it was raining and I was just in my bathrobe and soft slippers. Usually he comes right back for a treat when I do that. The dog looked around the side of the house and apparently saw Purdy sitting on the back porch waiting to be let back in and the chase was on. Though the dog normally comes when called, the cat was too much of a distraction and he totally ignored my calls. He chased Purdy around the neighbor's house and onto their front porch, where Purdy jumped up onto a railing. My neighbor came out and kept the dog from getting at the cat, while I called the dog and got him to go home. Purdy jumped off the rail and ran off.

Purdy didn't come home last night. I've had Purdy for seven years, I believe, and most of that time Purdy was an indoor-outdoor cat. In that time this is the first time that Purdy didn't come home at night. He does have experience living in the wild, as I saw him roaming the area for about six months as a stray before I took him in. Whether or not he remembers any of that, I don't know, though, as he isn't very bright as cats go. Even a friend of mine who was here a few months ago observed him and said, "That cat is retarded." When Red Cat used to pull a disappearing act and come home in the middle of the night, he would climb one of the columns to the second floor deck, where he was safe from predators, and meow at a glass slider to be let in. But I doubt that Purdy is bright enough to do that. I fear that since his usual spot to wait to be let in was the back porch and he was there when the dog started chasing him, that he will be reluctant to come home.

What's more is that Purdy needs his medication or he will decline quickly. It was only last week that Purdy was diagnosed with kidney failure. He's also been on medication for elevated liver enzymes for (I think) about a year. He's had to have injections of fluids twice in the past month. I'll admit that I was facing the question of how long I'd be able to afford his care, but I already have the medication on hand for the first month. I fear that without it, he will decline quite rapidly, even though he has been a happy, playful kitty on it.

Looking for him in this area is basically useless. Though I live in town, there are many undeveloped lots even in this block that are heavily wooded with underbrush so dense a human can't get through it. That's where I think he usually went when he roamed outside. So please send your prayers and positive vibes that when I let Red Cat out later, that RC will find Purdy and bring him home safely.
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I will pray he comes home today! You might need to keep him in when he does, until the dog goes home, to prevent a reoccurance. I'd try going to the spot at the fence and calling him several times a day, with a can of his favorite catfood. You may see him come crawling out of somewhere nearby, ready to eat, if you are there.
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Many vibes and prayers that Purdy comes home soon...maybe he's hiding out close by looking for the dog
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On several occasions in the past I have asked one of the cats to go out and find the other when one didn't come home as expected. (By "ask" I mean pretending to cry, saying the other cat's name many times, getting the cat to give me sympathy, then letting them out the door with instructions "go find _____.") Maybe it was just coincidence, by on most occasions they did show up together within minutes to a few hours. I'm hoping that they somehow did understand at some level. But today I simply don't understand it. Four times I've asked Red Cat to go out and find Purdy. Each time he has just gone out on the porch for a few seconds, turned around and come back in. And Red Cat is normally a cat chomping at the bit to go out. I don't dare let him out much later than this, as when I let him out too late in the day, he often decides to stay out over night.

I plan to go out in the neighborhood calling, "Purdy, it's safe" later this afternoon or early evening. I think Purdy understood that to mean that the dog was safely in the garage when the cats were in the house and they were free to come downstairs to eat and play. But whether he is able to understand "it's safe" to transfer to an outside setting I don't know.

I'm just so upset with myself for being so forgetful. This is all my fault.
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Originally Posted by twofatcats View Post
I'm just so upset with myself for being so forgetful. This is all my fault.
Try not to beat yourself up too much...can you scout the area? At least, it's something you can channel your energy into & calm your nerves/worries...

Good luck.
Here's some vibes for returning Purdy home to you soon safely...
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Oh Purdy, please come home. Many <<vibes>> for his return soon..
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Purdy is home!

I just got back from distributing 20 "Cat Missing" flyers in the neighborhood to find Purdy waiting on the back porch. Hurrah! Previously my thought was that since his days may be numbered anyway, I might as well take the risk and allow him out since he is so happy roaming. This is the first time this year that he didn't return within two hours so I thought the risk was relatively small. But now that it is brought home to me how much faster he would likely decline without his medication, I'm not so sure that that is the best way to look at it. Oh, I will sleep so much better tonight knowing that he is safe at home!

Purdy, Purdy, I love you!
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Oh, I'm so glad to hear he has turned up!
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Oh that is such GREAT NEWS
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It seems like it works out like that all the time- like they are just waiting for you to bust your (bottom ) getting all the flyers up, so you can love on them like there's no tomorrow and then go take them all down .

I'm glad it worked for you!
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What a relief! Especially with his medical issues. Give him a scritch from me.
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I am so glad that Purdy is home

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