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Talking about bathing cats ...

Today was the Dumdum's bath/full grooming day. He's getting baths once every two weeks now (since I finally got rid of his major staining problem without resorting to clipping the offensive parts) and I was pretty excited since my new dryer (which looks like an oven) had arrived and was assembled and ready for action.

Since Dumdum's NOT a show cat, his usual pre-bath groom (ears, eyes, nose and full combing/brushing to get rid of dead hair) took the usual 15 minutes.

His bathing regime as usual took 30 minutes.

And his usual drying time is 1 hour 15-30 minutes with a hair dryer but today, it took ONLY 40 minutes with the new dryer!!!!

Not the reason I'm ranting. What happens?

We had a flash flood! And we were caught completely unawares!

Now, let me clarify that Dumdum (a Persian) has lived with Abys since the age of 6 months. He's NOT as dumb as all that - the nickname came because when compared to an Aby he's, well, dumb....

The doofus cat did NOT jump (and this is a schizo Persian that thinks he's an Aby) to a higher place UNTIL he discovered that his paws and belly coat was wet!

So ... guess who had to undergo another 10 minutes of blow drying at 12am? Me of course!

Just ranting - I bathed Lou (the Norwegian) as well today and HE wasn't the least bit wet!!!!
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EEP! Glad to hear everything is OK, Adilah.

Poor Dumdum getting wet again....
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I hope everything has dried out Adilah!
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Awwww poor Adilah - IMO if that happened (12 midnite I'm SLEEPING) that cat would have been taken care of in the morning

Now he has a new reason for him nickname
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