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Nishka and Jacob

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Ok, I have photos - Nishka is the Black and white lady and jacob, the orange and white furball. How many hours until 15.30 left!!!!
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Oh they are beautiful! So many photo ops awaiting you They look like cuddlebugs. You and your partner are so lucky to get them and they to get you They have such lovely eyes.
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They are adorable, congratulations
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Congratulations!!!! They look like twins!!! What beautiful babys you will have!!
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awh wow, what a couple of treasure those two are you are certainly gonna have a great time with them

Bet you cant wait to get them home, you'll just have to let us know how things with lots of photos to!!!

You are both angels indeed to give sweet Nishka and Jacob a forever home
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Do I see a dead ringer for Jamie there?
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Its funny that since we signed the papers yesterday, returned and said hi again today and had some quality time, there has been a sense of unexpected happiness in the house. We both seem more content and look forward to my son seeing them in due course. Strange how two furballs in need of a home for 6 months, have been in the paper without success, can bring so much happiness to us and they are not even in the house yet. we both feel as though we have done a "good thing" and hearts are lifted.
Night all
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I'll move this to fur pics
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What beautiful babies!! I'm so happy to hear of people adopting senior kitties, that's so wonderful that they now have a loving forever home they so deserve. Big Congrats to you and Nishka and Jacob!!
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Awww! They're snug buds! Beautiful kitties.

I wish my girls would cuddle
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what a pair of cutie-pa-tooties!
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kev - they are adorable! They look very loving.
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They're very cute!!!!!!
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