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Hey there, after the vet appointment the other day, where we were started on the 2 a day Maxamox ( I think that is what it was) drops for the young Aurora (a now 20 day old little girl who was abandoned in a very dirty location, and brought in to our family at only 2 days old and going strong) due to her swollen lymph nodes,and a kidney infection, I have been wondering about the future little Aurora..

When can I introduce her to newer things? Like: A water dish? Her Mammalac kitten milk replacement in a bowl? Canned food? Dry food? Litter box?

Other than her obvious health issue being dealt with, she developed a bit quicker in some areas that other cats, and a bit slower in other areas. For example- she could crawl to the faint sound of your voice at just over 1 week old. This proves she could hear (They are supposedly still deaf until quite a bit older) And she could walk just over 1 week old (Still tipsy though, but she could really go a distance) And a few other things.

Currently I have a 'learning time' on a big soft pink blanket folded in half, so it is about 4ft by 6 ft, and I lay down different things for her to crawl over. Like a frisbee, so she can feel the harder, cooler surface, a rougher materialed rag, a rolly bell ball, and a stuffed animal. Sometimes I even let her climb up the edges of a Kitty Barn scratch toy for my other cat. I did this with our other cat, as she was also abandoned at a very very young age, and she is very highly intelligent. For example: she picks stuff up in one paw, curls her claws around it and walks around on the other three feet, carrying the item to a new location before putting it down, usually right side up.

Another question is: How do you help introduce the young kitty to the other cat, who is female only just about 1 year old? So far, Mojo is the other cat, she is afraid of the kitten, and hissed at first, then she got better enough she could stand being in the same room. Now she can sniff the kitten (Please be reminded- this is all under very Strict Supervision of more than one person in case of an incident) and has even had little Aurora knead at her side with her little paws from tme to time. But you see.. Mojo is a very playful cat, and plays a litte bit too rough. Our first move was that we trimmed her claws before any meeting (This is a very common thing- it wasn't the first time they had ben trimmed) But I would like to keep these introductions close enough together that when the kitten is old enough to play, that Mojo doesn't literally kick the crap out of it. Lets just say- she is used to rough housing with a Siberian Husky, not a small kitten.