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Wellness Core, good/bad?

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I am feeding my cats wellness core and I was wondering what the arguments are for/against such a high protein non-grain food. I have noticed my two youngest cats have gotten a little bit of an odor...but that could be because its time for their twice yearly bath too . My older cats are both 7, is this food to tough for them? Any input would be appreciated, as I am not all that knowledgable about high protein diet choices. Thanks!
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I normally feed a high protein no grain food (TO). I tried a sample to the core but was not overly happy with it. "His poop started smelling again and I didn't have that issue on TO. I believe I read on here that there was a few things in the Core that was not highly digestable. I would have to look it up gain to find what it was.

Its in this thread:

Turkey, Potato, and Fish are not as digestible which means they may poop more and in our case the poop stinked more. Now on his normal high protein grain free food he poops once a day, doesn't stink, no odors from our cat, and the fur is so soft.

But like I said I agree with the high protein no grain diets I just don't like the Core.
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Well, I went to no-grain for various reasons........

1. I, personally, have never seen a cat sit there and really REALLY want to eat a bale of hay....or graze in a meadow. Yeah, ok..once in a while, they are chomping on grass outside, but not like as a huge portion of their diet. I just don't really think it is exactly "natural" for a cat to be eating things like that. Granted, we all have quirky cats that may eat a french fry if you give them one, but as a whole, they are meat eaters.

2. This food recall scares the crap out of me.
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My mind is not really engaged this morning but in a nutshell, it makes more sense to me for their protein to come from real meat sources, not grains.

It makes even more sense for the food to be a "wet" food rather than dry. My cats eat mainly grain free wet foods and some raw. For us, dry is just for treats. Overall I believe that's the healthiest choice.

I think CORE is good food and it did pass the taste test here. I wouldn't feed a cat a 100% dry diet, though...especially the 7 year olds.
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I tried it and while she ate it ... the poops were huge..

Great food for YOUNGER cats with NO UTI issues... just didnt work here... Next for me is Pinnacle...

Older cats CAN have GRAIN FREE wet because it is higher digestabilty and easier to digest ... I would say if you can now is a great time to limit the dry of any kind
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My cats have been eating now for a month. No problems at all, I don't notice the smell like I did when they were on Chicken Soup. I like it because it has no grains. Like the other poster said I've never seen a cat eat wheat,corn or rice. Other than when it's mixed in with the other cat foods.
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I tried it, but neither of my cats would touch it. The only grain free they will eat is Orijen.
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