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Just had a scare...

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Bf had to work today, but I didn't so I slept in. Finally rolled out of bed at 11:30 (had a bad dream about carpooling and wasps) and threw on some clothes to take the dog for a walk. I was barely awake at this point. Anyway, we do the walk thing and get back to the apartment. The first thing I notice is Lola, on the couch by the balcony, meowing and acting strange. So, I go over to check on her, glance onto the balcony and see......ADDIE!

The screen door has been opened! BF must have left it unlocked OR someone (read Sammy-a-Go-Go, the polydactyl wondercat) learned to unlock it. I quickly went over. She was acting distressed and as soon as she saw me she came up to the door, meowing. I opened the door all the way and she came in.....she's a nervous cat and I don't know that she liked it, but she's so little and could EASILY fall through the bars (any could, but she's a bit clumsy).

Anyway, a quick head count confirms what I've feared.....Sammy's gone. And Addie had been on the balcony meowing at the next apartment's balcony. She must have followed him out because he was out of sight...she's never shown any interest in outside before and seemed quite scared to be out there. They are divided by a metal wall, but there is a gap at the edge, because the bars bulge outward. I walk to the edge and cran my head around, and here's Sammy. He gives me a prissy little meow, then notices I have some treats. But since I can't reach him, I don't want him trying alone, so I ditch the treats and knock on the neighbours door a few times. No answer!!! I'm worried because it looked like it was just a screen door on their side, which Sam can easily open and they have an untrained 11 month old golden lab!

I rush back and Sammy has made it onto our balcony, thank goodness, though I'm glad I didn't see him doing it! So, I lure him inside with treats, too, and shut the glass door. AND lock that for good measure.

Everyone is fine, but I'm going to have a word with BF at work! He'll be as upset as I am, though. I know it was an accident because he's equally attached to the kitties (in fact, I had planned to rehome Addie and George, but he wouldn't let me!), so I won't be too hard on him.
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I'm so glad it all turned out ok. They can really cause us dfersg (sorry - had a little cat fight on the desk). They can really cause us distress at time.
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Theres a few grey hairs been added I would have been panicking myself believe me thank goodness their all in safe and sound though
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Yeah, they're all fine until the next escapade. For now, they're all sleeping off the morning's excitement. I should be cleaning the bathroom and then heading to the laundromat, but I seem to be having trouble getting myself off TCS!
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So glad that things turned out well!!!!
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