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Wow! I just noticed......

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I have over 5,000 posts. It took me almost 6 years to do it. One of the first posts I ever read on TCS was hissy's post about the World Trade Center attack.
I had just adopted my little Georgia, now gone to the Bridge, after she had been tossed from a moving car. She was a tiny baby, and I took her home in my shirt pocket. How time flies!
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Congrats on that landmark!

I've always loved that pic of Fred in your sig. He looks like an old curmudgeon, but I loved hearing how he took care of Scooter.
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Congratulations Rebecca!
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Hey those numbers soon add up - and did you get caught up in the great crash of 'whatever' year it was so you could've had a load more really
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Congratulations on your 5,000!!
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Wow, I guess I need to finish my studies at college before I could reach your place
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I am almost at 5,000...its so exiting isnt it
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awww congradulations!
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That's a big landmark.
Congrats again!
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You have been on TCS 1 month longer then I have!! Congrats on the 5000 mark!
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Woweee, you love it here
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