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Question about 13oz cans?

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Ok so I have done some calculating and the 13oz cans do sound like a better deal for me considering I have just the one cat. And I have read on here that a can is good for 5 days in the refrigerator. So that means he would get 1.3oz per serving 2 times a day. So a case of 13oz cans would last me 60days (roughly) where as a case of 5.5 oz would last 48. So my question is this does your cats get tired of the same flavor after 5 days? Because in the beginning it would be just one flavor than after 2 weeks I can get another flavor to rotate and so on. Till I have 3 -4 cases of different flavors and when I get close to running out of one flavor I can just reorder that one flavor.

So do they get tired of one flavor after 5 days.
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Mine don't even like the food if it is kept for one day!
Unfortunately I have yet to find the healthy food in small serving sizes.
Until then they get a new flavor almost every day.
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Well I know Ping doesn't mind "leftovers". As it stands now he gets 1/2 a 5.5oz can a day. Then the other 1/2 the next day. Then we switch to a new flavor same brand. I am just worried that being on one flavor for 5 days he would get tired of that flavor all together.
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Lily has a sensitive tummy so she has to get the same stuff every day. She and Eve aren't as excited about food any more but they'll still eat it all. They get California Natural wet (I buy the 13 oz cans) and Nutro Natural Choice dry.
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I think it's worth a try for one case to see how it goes. Four of mine get pretty much the same wet food every day, for one reason or another...and they're fine with the monotony.
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I did the 13oz route since I had two eating and yep it saved alot of money ... since two and possible three ate it only lasted 36 hours on ave
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I feed my cats the same wet food all the time (Innova Evo) and they don't seem to get tired of it. Evo doesn't come in lots of flavors, to my knowledge, so I worried about it. But they seem to love it everytime it's mealtime!
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I rotate foods, but just for variety. My cat is NOT picky at all.
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When Ashie was here, I had to get small cans (like the FANCY FEAST size) because she would NOT eat it cold WHATSOEVER and it would go to waste. Now, though, with these two new cats, I did snatch a couple of 13 oz to see how they deal with things like that...because YES.....you get more bang for your buck.
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