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Hi all!

I am worried over Singa - again!...

She is known to puke a lot - undigested food mainly. It always got me worrying, but I assume she eats too quickly. This time it was a bit different.

She's got bronchitis and the vet prescribed her antibiotics (this chocolate flavor in a syringe) and a low dose of steroids. I've been giving it to her for the last week now and she seemed to be getting better. Today, however she puked shortly after I gave the medicine to her. First it was a milky yellow and afterwards she threw up two more times in a clear yellow watery liquid.

I have the feeling she isnt eating... at least there was no food residue in the vomit. Also she seems to be losing weight a bit (really almost unnoticable - which doesn't hurt as she is a bit on the chubby side).

I read in my cat book I should give her rest and all, but it is hard with little playful Soleil around. Even if I were to confine her to a separate room - I think it would stress her more than leaving it as is.

Unfortunately we have already midnight here so I can't call the vet now. Hoping to hear your thoughts on this.