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need some new kitty advice

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Well as it looks like im gonna be bringing home a new kitten monday from the shelter i ws wondering what you all do for tests ect.

He has already been neutered and has had his distemper and the other basic kitten shots but as of right now not exactly sure what all that consists of.

What are some things i need to have the vet do now and what can wait on?
I will have him checked for worms and other parisites.

Also as I have 3 cats at home all of them are fully vacinated as well as flea protection they all are on revolution.

If all tests come back fine I wont be seperating them. As long as they seem to get along since none of my cats seemed to be bothered by new animals that we have or that come to visit. If there seems to be a prob i can seperate just never have had to in the past.

I am not sure about the kitten we adopted in dec. about how she will do with a new kitten although she likes our other cats and loves dogs. (shes a littel strange).

Also the kitten is eating special kitty cat food and so he will have to make a switch to the iams kitten food that I feed the other kitten.

He isnt declawed and I plan on him keeping his nails (this is one of my husbands biggest issues with the cats he thinks that they should be allthough he is starting to change his mind as the other kitten isnt declawed. So we will have 2 declawed and 2 with claws. (I know its a heated debate but its already done).
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I'm really glad the new kitten will keep his claws. If you change his food, can you do it slowly so it doesn't upset his tummy. I hope every adjusts to each other. This is very exciting. What's his name?
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He dont have a name yet. The shelter is calling him cooper but its always been a thing that hubby gets to name new animals. So not sure what it will be yet.

As far as the switching food slowly our shleter feeds what they get in from donations and when i asked what hes been eating they said that right now its special kitty but it chages with every bag. But i might see if they have small bags so I can grad switch it over.
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Congrats on the new kitten. I think when you take him home bring him to the vet as soon as you can. I just took my 12 week old kitten and all she needed was distemper vaccine, dewormer and a FeL/FIV test (I think that is what they call it). I think they mostly want to make sure that the kitten didn't get anything yucky from another cat.
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Congrats on the new addition! Check what testing has already been done, whether it's had flea treatment and worm treatment - that's often standard for shelter animals to make sure there isn't an outbreak. Also check if the shelter has any deals with local vets - when you adopt from the shelter I volunteer at, you get a free vet checkup at one of a list of vets they give you.

I would still keep your new kitty separated from the current kitties for at least a day or so. Your cats may be happy with new additions, but it's stressful for a cat to go from living in a small cage to suddenly get the run of a new house with new cats and new smells. Start the kitty in a room, make sure he/she's using the litter box fine, and eating normally, and seems fairly relaxed, then let the kitties meet.

That will help your new addition have an easy transition into it's new forever home
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Switch the foods slowly.

As far as tests, test for FELV and FIP before you start introducing the kitten to the other cats.

Most important keep those kitten nails trimmed (once or twice a week)! They grow fast
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and don't worry about the clawed/declawed thing - i have 2 declawed, 3 clawed & no problems. one of the clawed is alpha, but she's still occasionally subordinate to the senior declawed cat.
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