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Trout's Morning Ritual

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So, every single morning we go through the same thing.

About an hour before I want to get up, Trout seeks out any of my appendages that are sticking out fro the covers and she starts to bite them.

Mainly my hands/fingers..if they are not firmly under the blanket, she will go to town on them, and keep biting until I stop her..All the while purring

Then (still purring) she makes her way down to my feet..and she starts biting them, and hissing at them

I wonder if this her way of showing love She is purring the whole time

Anyway, I can't lie..I think its very cute But it kinda hurts
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Yeah... my Sooty used to do that to. I wouldn't call myself an expert but I would hazard a guess that they're merely 'hunting' your appendages. If your feet are exposed whilst your face is under the duvet perhaps your cat doesn't associate your feet with its owner! That's not to say your hands or feet look like mice..

My partner and I went through a no-cat-in-bedroom policy, which lead to some wailing and complaining outside the door at night. It meant we could get a decent night's sleep as Sooty wasn't particular... middle of the night, morning... whenever we were in bed he would stalk us! As there's not much else nicer than having a purring little kitten on the duvet, we've progressed to letting him in on our terms. He's more often very cuddly and looking for belly-tickles now, but when he starts hunting our feet (he used to make apache runs at our face every now and then too!) we simply put him out of the room and shut the door.

Perhaps it also helped that we got another kitten who seems to be sapping all his energy and trying out his hunting skills.. by the time he staggers into the bedroom he's quite ready to lie down and be made a fuss out of.

Good luck!
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My cat doesn't attack my feet, but he has the annoying habit of waking me up by biting and chewing on my nose. If he wants something and I'm sleeping he walks up to me and starts chomping down on my poor nose, lol. I'm just lucky he has no teeth, because if he did, it would hurt.
I call them love bites, lol.
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Ha! Looks like it's a common morning ritual!! I get bitten by Doc on the elbow, calf, toe, ankle ... once I thought he bit me on the butt(!) but it was just a sharp claw!
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Its so weird I think..she loves it..she purrs like she is on catnip Maybe I should bite her back
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lol cute, but hmm, i dont think furr would not have a good taste.

normaly it seems i wake up before my cats do, normally i get meows of protest when i get up.
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She's such a beauty.

My Sammy does similar - he just bites my nose off at 5 a.m.
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