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Lucky Pierre's thread

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I've been posting about the progress that I've been making with my feral boy Lucky Pierre over the last few years. If you want to read about it, the latest thread is here:


I will use this thread to post pictures around his continued socialization as time goes on.

Here is one of his early visits to the house a few years back. He liked the cave like feeling of the cat tent:

Here he is over last winter when he started venturing inside more often:

And 2 days ago, making himself at home on the cat tree in the kitchen by the windows. He stayed inside the house the better part of 48 hours:

I've started to physically interact with him more often. He loves to be brushed, and I've started to pick him up to hold him and give him scritches. He was a lot more calm here until DH walked over (carefully) to take a picture then got squirmy, but you get the gist of it. He's funny - I can hold him and he will purr and purr, then he glances over at my face and gets squirmy (what's that human doing with me?). Eye blinks usually calm him back down:

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Oops mods - I meant to post this in fur pictures - can someone move it please?
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He is such a beautiful boy!
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Those are great pictures and he is one really beautiful boy!! I love that you can pick him up and pet him. I love how his fur is so lustrous and plush looking.

How did you get him to be calm inside with the door to the outside shut? I have thought about doing that with William. He recently ran inside when he got spooked by smoke from our grill, but it was not a happy experience. Our cats were freaked out that there was no screen door between them and him, and our boy cat Toby made some unhappy Rrrrrr's that spelled trouble. I had to lock our cats up and get William out from under a chair and show him a safe way out.

I don't think William is ready for being picked up, but, like Lucky, he is a slave to petting and he really wants his scritches too. William pushes his whole body into the scritches. I am going to make it my goal to get physically closer to him. He is such a love bun!
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Awww, he is gorgeous
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Originally Posted by BarbB View Post
How did you get him to be calm inside with the door to the outside shut?
For the first year that he ventured inside, I had to keep a very close eye on him as he would panic and want to get back outside. Eventually, over the last 2-1/2 years, he got more and more relaxed inside. This was not an overnight thing with Lucky. It took me about 1-1/2 years of indoor visits to pick him up and then it was only briefly. He's really been coming around a lot more in the last 6-7 months (about time!).

If you notice how I'm holding him, he only tolerates being help close and very firmly. If he is not held tight, he immediately squirms and forces himself out of my arms. Being 18 pounds, it hurts when he pushes off of me, so I just gently put him down when he hits that point.

William will come around when he's good and ready to!
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I so admire your loving patience with your ferals... you're doing such good things for them. And my goodness, you have beautiful hair.

But I dropped by your website to show my mom some of your wonderful kitty beds, and I saw that Auntie Em is going out of business! What a shame. Did you just run out of time to make all those beautiful things?
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What a truly beautiful boy!! He looks so loveable, bless you for rescuing this sweetheart. Many good vibes sent to Lucky Pierre!
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