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Wiggly bum you just can't pet her,
wiggly bum you want to pet her belly
wiggly bum but then she tries to bat you,
Wig, wig, wiggly bum!

That's it, doesn't rhymne but do I care? Nah
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Nenners... remember this famous Disney scene?

Ninners and the Spot?

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That's a great picture! Did you do that? If you did you're a bl**dy good editor

Just thinking (ow) I have a bad habit of turning any song I like into a Suki/cat song. I change the words to fit Suki in, I'm obsessed


'Relight my fire, your fur is my only desire!'
'Relight my fire, 'cause I neeeeeed your fur!'

Then the Match of the Day music on UK TV has it's own words:

Suki the little moggy, she's covered in black fur.
Suki the little moggy, she really likes to purr.

And I'll sing all manner of silly tunes. Sometimes in some very odd squeaky voices.
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This thread is HYSTERICAL!

How mad are we?

I can't sing at all - truly, truly hopeless. But I talk in rhyme to the kitties usually starting off by saying their name, and then creating derivations of the names until it gets too ridiculous or too difficult.

As a consequence I have 3 confused cats who answer to most anything that bears a remote resemblence to their names!!

But I do dance with my kitties - I can't sing but I can sure boogie my boots off! I've had one cat round my neck and the other 2 in my arms and I've been bopping like a mad thing!
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How could I forget? Caught myself doing it this morning as we got ready for work... The name song!

Shelly-belly-bo-belly-fa-fe-fi-fo-felly - Shelly!
Munchie-bunchie-bo-bunchy, fa-fe-fi-fo-funchy - Munchie!
Lazlo-bazlo-bo-bazlo, fa-fe-fi-fo-fazlo - Lazlo! (Lazlo doesn't work so good - but do I care? NOT!)
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Yola - I totally agree. I think they answer to a tone of voice rather than an actual name. LOL!!!!
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YOLA - That is a darn good question! LOL!!
How mad are we?

I am afraid of that answer <grin> There is truly no other place on the web to mutually go nuts with friends all over the world.. LOL!

BuNN - I'm a graphic designer ...I confess...I have extra time on my hands today and I simply couldn't resist putting Ninners and Spot together! Just too tempting...

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Do you use Photoshop? I'm still getting to grips with that :P Paintshop is my fave, easy to use and cheap too.
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BuNN - watch out for Kim! It can be very difficult to tell if her pics are real...or if they're MEMOREX (did you have those commercials over there? won't be laughing if you didn't!)

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Personally I love Photoshop. Photoshop 7 is what I use to make my web page! I'm certainly no graphic designer, but I love playing with filters and retouching photos!

As far as singing to my cat, I used to do that when I was a kid, to my cat Patterns. She would come running when I'd start singing. I don't sing much anymore with or without cats.
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BuNN - I've been working with Photoshop for almost 13 years...I admit that I am a Die Hard
<grin>… Personally, I can't imagine using another photo editing application—actually I tried and I haven't found a program comparable to it....(who knows, one may be lurking around the corner-Adobe is hard to compete with, though....if there is a company out there that can top Adobe, they'll have to have a ton of $$$—Adobe is famous for blowing copy cats out of the water-sometimes I think they have a copyright on everything)

LDG - LOL! Oh yes! I remember that commercial! My cover has been blown at the catsite—will I ever be trusted again? LOL! Most of the time my pics are genuine...and a lot of times, when I'm feeling exceptionally silly, I admit it! I can get down-right -stupid and edit some doozy's - LOL!

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I have used The Gimp, it's as powerful as Paintshop but completely free. It's very flexible and easy to learn, although you do have to compile the whole thing before you can use it :/
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Bodlover, I thought I would fall out of my chair laughting! I would have loved to see the towel dance!:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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BuNN, are you a Linux Guru?
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Nope sorry. I just know enough with Windohs to get by. I've no real use for Linux, it doesn't support most of the stuff I use. Tis a shame I'd love to try it.

There's loads of information online though and plenty of user groups/forums if you need help.
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Nah, I know a bit of linux. When you mentioned gIMP I wondered, I've never seen a windows version, just the linux. It's what I use on my linux boxes
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I just love the pic of the orange tabbies. They remind me of my dear Leo, now gone to the bridge. Are they males?
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so there I was, dancing with a cat, and swishing this teatowel around my head and around kitty (he didn't mind, he knows he has to tolerate his mums madness) and siging along to some ridiculous music, when, in the middle of a big twirl round, I see a man tood at the end of the garden watching through the patio doors!! He was DYING with laughter!!! I, on the other hand, was dying of embarassment!!
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Myste - I got The Gimp from a PC Format disk a year back, it's pre-compiled. I got a new hard drive a few months back, I've never got round to installing it on the new setup. I'm lazy when it comes to installing things
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Myste I just visited your photopage, I think your little oranges adore you...those pics are so cute!!

buNN - I went to your website—how cool! Your cutie pie Suki makes me miss my late TarBaby....What a face.
So tell Suki a spoiled kitty? Suki looks like a little black bear in a couple of those pics... what a HUGGABLE kitty!!!!

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Suki is very spoilt.

She has her food at 8am, then she gets some turkey at dinner time, she has more cat food at 5pm, then she has some more turkey at 10pm. She also has biscuits available all the time.

She actually eats very little, just when she wants to, but we keep her on times for her meals. She also gets Seven Seas Conditioning tablets, 3 a day. She has her teeth cleaned with some special gel, it softens any plaque which then falls off when she has biscuits.

She has beds all over the house, on the washing machine (she loves the shaking), a bean bag and numerous other luxeries.

She's one spoilt cat
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Ok my songs are pretty simple, I just sing them over and over and somehow the kitties know its for them:

Berkley's nickname is Broccoli, here is her song:
"Broccoli and Cheese,
And Carrots and Peas,
And Pot, ta, aaaa, toes..."

Rockford's song is:
"Rockford is a good Kitty...
Yes he is...
Yes he is..."

Weird Huh????

Here's a picture of Rockford being a "Good Kitty"......
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I have tried a couple of times. Charlie looks at me like like I am in pain or need help look. It is funny.
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