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Thank You

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I would like to thank Lut and BuNN for the sweet e-cards they sent! They are great!
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Can I put a Me Too here? Thanks for the e-cards, they sure brightened up my day!
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me as well! Thank you VERY much!
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Yup. Me too!!

Thanks Lut and BuNN for the sweet musical cards, it was lovely to receive them.
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I must thank Laurie for her card, it's so cute. Those little kittens in the stockings lol.

Thanx again
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Hey you guys!

I feel loved! Thank you!

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Thanks BuNN and guys really brightened up my day!
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I want to add a thank you to Lut for the card as well!! And Laurie, I answered your PM and sent you my e-mail!!! Okay BuNN...where's mine???? :laughing:
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I read your card this morning and it's great!

Thanx so much
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Debs send me your e-mail via PM and I'd love to send you one
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Your card made my day!
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Teresa, are very welcome!!!!!
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Thanks Ghyslaine and Laurie for the beautiful cards!!! BuNN...I am sending you a PM...make sure and send me your e-mail too!
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Thanks to BuNN and Laurie for the great cards. They're helping me get into the spirit of the season.
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Thanks BuNN!

Very cute and very "holiday" oriented!

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Thanks BuNN!!! What a beautiful card!
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Thanks Ghyslaine, that was hilarious and so true.
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Thanks for that wonderful card!!
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Kass and Nikita, the card was great Loved the choir outside the church.

Thanx for sending it me
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BuNN (your card was cute!), Ghyslaine (your card was hysterical!), Kassandra (your card was beautiful!), and Debbie (your card was so much fun!) - thanks for the cards. I really enjoyed each of them!

I sent cards to everyone for which I could find an e-mail address - Yola - didn't have yours - I'll PM you.

Anyone who wants a card, post your e-mail or PM me!

Lut - it seems you didn't get my card??? And Janine's e-mail address didn't work - it got kicked back to me.

I really enjoy having access to e-cards on holidays - there are so many fun ones to choose from!

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I have finally managed to view all of the lovely e-cards I have recieved. Thank you so much! I haven't been feeling festive at all and these have raised my spirits. Thank you again!
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Ady - go home and get well!
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I got my MEWHOO prize in the mail yesterday! THANK YOU!
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WooHoo.... MAIL is great isn't it!!!

Especally when it's not a bill!!!

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Who's Bill and how would he fit through the letter box?
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someone thinks their funny!!!!

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Thinks? Nah just silly
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Teresa just saw this-

Glad you got your prize okay!
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