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show cages and cat beds

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being new to cat showing, i was wondering what type of cat bed do you use in a show cage? do the tents work okay or are they too big for a standard show cage? are the "donut" types okay? i am going to be showing two kitties so i want some type of bed that is big enough for two but not too big that it takes up the whole cage. any suggestions would be most appreciated!!!
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I usually bring a "donut" type bed for my cats - they like the coziness and security of it, especially when they are new to shows. I also bring a piece of soft material, rug, etc. to line the floor of the cage with. I haven't used tents in the benching cages, but I occasionally see people with small ones. Bring one along and see how it works.

However, when you get to the show, there are probably going to be lots of vendors - selling everything from beds, "show toys", grooming supplies, treats and everything under the sun! I usually come home with at least a few things and I am sure you will too!

A lot of people showing more than one cat often use corner shelves and/or hammocks in the cages so the cats aren't right on top of each other. I'm sure the vendors will be selling them!

Being that it is your first show, if you haven't already, call the entry clerk and ask them if they can bench (seat) you next to an experienced exhibitor who is willing to help a new person. It will make your first experience that much more enjoyable for both you and your babies.

Which association are you showing in? Are both of your cats Birmans? Good luck and have fun

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thanks for the answer, cathy.
yes, both of my kitties are birmans. one is a seal point and the other is a lilac point. i hope to show cfa. they are only kittens now, both were born in july of this year so i won't be showing until next year. have to find a show close to me. thanks for the advice on benching next to an experienced show person. i will certainly do that!!!
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Just to let you know with CFA you can show in the kitten range at 4 to 8 months. there is less competition and good to learn from.
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When I show I use my own cage. I feel this way people can not touch my cat because of the style of cage I use. I do not want to bring home anything I do not need too. Many cats can get sick at shows. My mentor has brought URI to ringworm home from a show. I use the sturdi cage. You can check it out at www.sturdiproducts.com if you want. You can also buy it here for less http://maloron.com/shop/index.cgi?ID...SECURITY+CAGES

I just put the pads in the bottom that you can buy for the cage.I also have some I have made. You also do not need curtains with this cage. I have however mad my own for my cage but I do not have to have them. I put a hammock in my cage. You can show 4 kittens or 2 adult cats in this cage. I hope I have helped.
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