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I have never won anything... Except the London Cat Club....

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Indeed, I'm well happy, we went to the London Cat Club show in Woking today and met up with people we knew who were showing. On a whim I bought tickets for the raffle...
Before buying them I said if we won I would get a Drinkwell and my face light up when Epona and I saw that we won the top prize of £50 ($95 approx.) so we got a great Drinkwell and some expensive dry food to keep our young cats happy

We also won the 6th prize of art materials- leaving the cats to argue over the Drinkwell and Epona to complain about first use of the artist stuff

I've never won anything except well placed sports bets
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Cogratulations I hope the cats like the fountain
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Woohoo! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
Cogratulations I hope the cats like the fountain
Tsk... Before that we bought loads of cat toys (including a banana that Radar has gone MAD for)

Not figured the Drinkwell out yet as worn out...

Sonic's breeder was showing (another of Tolly's cousins and Sonics half-sister) so I'll let you know how she did when I know how many rosettes she got
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Wow, congrats!!
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yipeee! congradulations! I used to win stuff all the time, I haven't in years though I don't think. Maybe a radio contest here and there for a concert.

Enjoy your prize!!
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Maybe this is a lucky day for TCS members. I won a pre-paid Nokia cell phone today when I stopped to pick up some coffee. I don't need it, but maybe we can leave it in the car, where it might be useful some day, as hubby doesn't have a cell phone for emergencies.
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Good deal, Nate and Epona. Nice deal for the boys getting a fountain AND you getting something for yourselves.
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Cogratulations every since i got a couple of those, my cats have stopped getting on the sink, and waiting for me to turn on the water
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Cool beans We usually check out what they have - if we really want to win something, then we will take a chance. I like when you can choose which prize to bid on (with a cup by it for the ticket) - that way you don't win something you don't want.

DH won some computer disks for a pro-photo workshop (with a live plant - plant found a home with next door neighbor). No one was interested in it till almost the end - only 2 tickets were bid; so 50/50 chance - we won it

I tried to win a cat bed at a raffle but didn't get it.
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That's great... I bet the boys love their fountain
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Thats is really great! Congratulations!!
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