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Abby In Intensive Care; May Not Make It  

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Hey everyone,

I am going to need some major vibes. Abby was doing fine after all she went through last month with the exploratory surgery and all. We had found out the cause of her problem - gastric spiral bacteria - and had her on antibiotics and she was doing perfectly. But she had her last day of antibiotics on Thursday and took a turn for the worse yesterday. She started vomiting continually yesterday and by today, she was panting with her mouth open and couldn't even get up or walk. We took her up to the emergency animal hospital in the city about an hour from here where she is still at right now and will be for 4 or 5 days, if she makes it. They said she's in very critical condition right now.

Her body temperature was very low and even with the heating packs around her, her temperature kept dropping while we were there. If they can get that to go up, then they need to do a blood transfusion because her red blood cell count is very low for some reason. If she makes it through that, then they need to call in a surgeon to do surgery again either tonight or tomorrow because her small intestines are enlarged and the x-rays showed that there is something inside of her that shouldn't be there. So they'll need to go in and find out what it is.

This is all very sudden and came out of no where. We don't know anything right now, really. She had been doing really well up until now. So we're just sitting and waiting to hear what's going on. I don't know if we're doing the right thing or not. The vet thinks that she'll be fine if they can get her temp up and get enough blood in her system to withstand another surgery to find out the source of the problem and fix it. But if she doesn't make it, then we've put her through all of this for nothing. I don't know.

But anyway, I don't really know how to deal with this right now so I decided the best thing for me to do would be to get on here and let you all know what's going on. Hopefully it'll turn out ok. I don't have a good feeling about it though. I'll keep you all posted on what happens. And thanks to everyone on here, especially whoever created this site, because it has been a blessing through everything I've been going through with my Abby over the past few months.
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Sending many vibes to you and Abby.
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Awwww no!! Sending many many vibes for her
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The poor baby

I am sending get better prayers Abbys way

Hugs to you also
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Sending vibes and hugs to you both.
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Many prayers and vibes for her.
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Lots of prayers and vibes!
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Prayers from us, too. I hope she beats this.
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Lots of positive vibes coming Abby's way. She'll be in my thoughts, poor baby.
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Oh no! This must be so scary for you! Abby, you're in my prayers, sweetheart. My girlies send gentle snuggles to you both. We'll be expecting prompt improvement and a positive report!
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Vibes and to all of you.
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Sending positive vibes your way.
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I am so sorry hearing about this. Your right in not knowing what the right thing to do is. I know you don't want her to suffer, you just have to follow your heart and see how Abby reacts to everything. Sending my best wishes.
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Sending good vibes for Abby.

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Praying for Abby's full recovery!
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Positive vibes to Abby and hugs to you.
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Originally Posted by ShortStuff2309 View Post
...I don't know if we're doing the right thing or not...But if she doesn't make it, then we've put her through all of this for nothing. I don't know...
I'm so sorry to hear about Abby . Did you take her to Animal Medical Center (Bergh Hospital) in Manhattan?

Hopefully, it's just an bad stomach infection, esp. since it came out of nowhere, and it'll clear with more/proper antibiotics. Sometimes when you get an infection, your intestines get "angry" and stop moving properly, and you get dilated intestines...but once things are calmed down & the stomach/bowels are given time to heal, things go back to normal. Please don't question your judgment -- you're doing what you can to save your kitty, and no doubt, she'll sense how much you love her through all this .

Please try to stay strong .
Sending warming/healing vibes to you and Abby!
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She posted here ...... Abby died

I am so very sorry Abby didnt make it. My deepest condolences to you. May you Rest in Peace Abby.
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