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Fostering kitten. Need tips.

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I picked up a kitten today that someone found along the road. He's maybe 2 weeks old of he's lucky. His eyes are open but ears aren't. My Momma is weaning her kittens (They are 3 weeks old) and doesn't want much to do with the new one. I'm going to bottle feed him but it's been so long that I need some help. LOL Since he's about 2 weeks old, I can go 4 hours between feedings, right? If I remember correctly, with my boys I went 3 hours between feeding but the kitten rescue site has 4. Should I try for 4 but feed him if he's hungry before then? I would think that would be the better way to do it.

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I have no personal experience in this, but this site is very helpful:


Good Luck.
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Thanks Karen. That was the site I was talking about. But, now we have a problem. He's peeing blood. When I picked him up, his little nose is bright red and I just saw inside his mouth while he was nursing and it's so red it's almost purple. I don't hold out much hope for the little guy as my Momma (who is so accepting of kittens that aren't hers) is now screaming at him, growling and pushing him to the side. I'm taking that as a sign that something isn't right with the little guy. My husband already called the people we got him from and told them what's going on. They are sad, too. It breaks my heart to tell someone their kitten may not make it. It was hot and humid here yesterday. The real-feel temp was around 100 degrees and the little one was on the side of the road on the asphault.
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Do what you can. You are doing well.

Lets hope he didnt had anything contagious with him. There is always some risk. And double here as he seems to be sick...
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