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i got a kitten today

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hi am new to the forum and need some advice i bought my Kitten today we called her Tamzin we are trying to litter train her and doing what we have read so far on the www

we were told to keep putting her in the litter box when she has had something to eat and so on so forth but when we put her in she thinks the litter is for eating and i dont want her to get ill or anything she is only 8 weeks

the woman i got her from lies in a house with a garden so mummy and daddy cat do the toilet outside as we read the mummy cat usually trains the kittens but the owner wouldnt let the kittens out.

so am kinda stuck is it ok for her to eat the litter or what should i do
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hi congrats
where were the kittens going potty before you got them? were they going just anywhere? that might be a problem. the litter my magic had when i first got her all started going in the litter box with the mom. but i waited till about 10 or 12 weeks to give them to there new homes. i have a great relationship with my vet i always call him when i have any questions. i'd call yours about the eating the litter my cats have never done that. hope all goes well keep us updated.
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Put the kitten in a small room or in a large dog crate to itself with a litterpan with strips of newspaper in it. Of course put his food and water in there too. 8 weeks is awfully young to be away from mom, but if the owner wasn't allowing the mom to teach the kitten properly, maybe it was good to get the kitten a little younger then normal.

Good luck and we would LOVE pictures!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!

Kittens eating clay based litter isn't good! You should get a wheat or pine based litter. The litter I use for my kittens is called World's Best. It's made with corn cobs and it's safe for them to taste.

If she does go outside the litter box, use a good pet cleaner to get up any scent. If she poops outside the box, put it inside the box and take her to the box. Eventually she'll get the hang of it. My mother cat didn't like the small litter box I had for my kittens so she never used it and at the first sight of poo I just picked it up and put it in and everyone caught on really fast.

Putting her in the box is a good idea too, it'll get her natural instincts of digging going. If she doesn't dig much, take her paw and make the digging motion with it. It helped a few of mine. My kittens get litter box crazies right now and think it's fun to play in their poo.
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thanks guys will get pics up soon i also think she is youn to be away but the woman who had them including the 4 sister to my kittens and another litter of 3 only days old and the woman was like wel thats 14 ats just want rid of them so i felt realy sorry if i had more money i would have took more but as it is she is charging £25

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Whatever you do, don't use clumping litter until she is old enough to stop nibbling on litter. Many kittens will nibble on litter so you don't want to use anything that will clump inside their bodies.

Sometimes mixing a little bit of soil/dirt in the litter pan will attract them.
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