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Escape Artists!

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I had such a fright this morning. I went down to the bottom field with the usual carrot and apple, and the ponies had gone! They were not in the electric-fenced enclosure and I could see no sign of a breakout point. I thought they were still somewhere in the field - there are several trees and dips, and I called, but nothing. Then I began to get scared - they always whinny when it is apple time in the morning, and come running. I searched the field - some droppings, showing they had got out of the fenced in area, but no sign of them. I came back to the house, heart sinking, wondering if I should call the police or go look for them, when a movement caught my eye. Clever ponies - they had somehow found their way past the house and back up to the top field where the stable is, and where Tiffin was born. Fortunately, the gate to that field was open as they were not meant to be in it! All three of them were calmly grazing there. I used the opportunity to get them all into the stable and put a first headcollar on Tiffin. He didn't like it much, but didn't fight it after a few minutes. I couldn't get a pony one small enough, so he has one meant for a sheep for the moment, poor boy, although it is not a perfect fit. I will get something better in the next week or so. At least he is getting used to wearing one. And here are some pix:

Tiffin in his collar

Trying to decide if my wellie boot is eatable

Tiffin and Tartine

The family grazing, not caring about the fright they gave me
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Cuteness alert, Jenny!

My grandfather had a horse who'd take any opportunity to leave his pasture. I recall many times seeing Grandpa chasing him.
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Oh my god, how adorable!!! Oh, I want a pony! It's like I'm five again!

That must be scary, to lose animals that big! I'm glad you found them. Tiffin is such a cutie!

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They're all lovely, and Tiffin is such a sweetie -- even if they did give you an awful scare. Glad you managed to find the little devils fairly soon.
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They were so complacent until Tiffin came along....you don't suppose "Big Sis" is trying to loose him, do you?
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I'm just madly in love with Tiffin. Well actually I love them all. Tiffin is growing up. He hasn't been in the world even a month yet. What a precious baby.
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Tiffin is so beautiful!!!! I live about 2 miles from a pony farm...I thought about getting one but I need more land I have almost 2 acres right now...I love ponies and horses...!!!
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