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It was so nice to hear that your Max is doing well again!
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It is great that he is feeling better. I would keep a good eye on him and make sure he eats noramlly etc. By the way, Your Max looks a lot like my Onyx...except Onyx doesn't have such a beat up face since he is an indoor kitty. Max is cute though!
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I told Max what you said about his "Beat up face " and he says wait till you are 90 and you wont look to good either He is nearly 19 and is also a house cat (has never seen a garden) the mark on his head is a ex wart which he removed himself by rubbing on a cardboard box
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I am glad that Max is feeling better, please keep us posted on how he is doing.
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We left poor old Max in the hands of our trusty Cat sitter who gave Max a lovely holiday without us
He is losing weight a lot but he is still the old Max that we know and love
on returning back to Germany from the UK he met us and never punished us in any way so he loves us as much as we love him
Max is realy weak but he manages to climb up on the Sofa to be with us
We are amazed at his power to stay with us so those of you that worry about your loved cat ...................give him or her a chance ..we cannot understand the willpower that they have
Love from Max
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So glad to hear Max is "munter". That's very good news. Thanks for the update.
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I'm glad you had a good holiday and that Max enjoyed his.
Give the old boy a pat for me.
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