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Max is ill

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Max is 19 and has been a very active Houscat but he has been drinking lots of water in the last year and has a problem with his balance
He sleeps nearly all day but loves his time on our knee
BUT !!
Today he made a horrible noise like he was trying to put words together like a human and was sick He was bringing up lots of water (I mean lots) and some dry food I have never seen hime like it
He then walked off with a very unbalanced walk and is now under the table asleep
I think he is coming to the end of his life life and I do not want him to go in pain ! Is this spewing water critical
Stuart Martin
Waldbronn Germany
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Stuart being the age Max he really should be seen by a vet to find out what the problem is. Cats are really good at hiding pain but he sounds like he could be bless him.

Let us know what happens, but please get a vet to check him out
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We did go to the Vet
and he wanted to put Max down in January but he seemed so OK then
I will wait till the end of the weekend (If possible) and then Visit the Vet again

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Oh heck, what a difficult situation for you to be in - I agree with Rosiemac, its best that you get your kitty to a vet, so they can do a proper diagnosis and if needed get some meds into him and God forbid, if this is the time for Max to go, then a vet can make sure he goes peacefully and without any more pain

Take care and keep us posted !! we are all here for you and Max !!
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I agree with Rosiemac. A cat that has reached an advanced age like Max can develop serious medical problems very quickly, but that doesn't necessarily mean Max is dying. No one here at TCS can tell you for sure what the problem is, so the best thing to do is take Max to a vet as soon as possible. And it's best not to wait until Monday. Good luck!!!
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oh Stu Max is a sweetheart - what did the vet say concerning his health in January ?

and how is Max this very moment
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He said he has Alzeimers and Did not realy bother to check him out he did find a small hickup in his heartbeat
The problem is with Max he is Terrified of leaving the house
I mean Terrified !!! He pees in his cat box or whtever we carry him in
I hate doing it to him But if it is for the best
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oh my bless him

I understand your concerns about his fear of travelling, a lot of cats do get stressed.

so is he still resting ?
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Yes he is on the Balcony
fast asleep
So will leave him be for tonight
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If the vet didn't give him a proper check-up, perhaps it's time to find another vet. Have you tried Feliway spray in his carrier to calm him down during a visit to the vet? You can get it online, for example here: http://www.tierarztshop.de/shop/arti...=2&pid=froogle , or at a vet's office.

that Max recovers.
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Originally Posted by minimax View Post
He said he has Alzeimers and Did not realy bother to check him out he did find a small hickup in his heartbeat
The problem is with Max he is Terrified of leaving the house
I mean Terrified !!! He pees in his cat box or whtever we carry him in
I hate doing it to him But if it is for the best
So sorry to hear your Max isn't doing well

Did the vet say Max has Alzheimer's? Isn't that weird -- for a cat? Can you visit another vet? Balance problems & water intake problems can be a sign of something in the brain, like increased pressure on the brain -- at least in people, amongst other things. The vet seems fishy to me, since he wanted to put Max down earlier (and you didn't and he's been okay for the past half year almost, right?), and the cat-Alzheimer's diagnosis. Even in people, the Dx Alzheimer's can only be confirmed after death w/ brain pathology; it's mostly a clinical Dx based on memory and behavioral deterioration.

I hope things will be okay for you & Max.
Sending healing vibes your way!
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Most vets will do house calls but they are a bit more expensive. I agree with the others - seems a strange thing to diagnose a cat with Alzheimers. On the drinking lots of water, I'd be looking at the possibility of kidney failure which is very common in older cats.

Either try to get him to the vets or get the vet to do a home visit - and not the vet that diagnosed Alzheimers. Definitely get another vet and don't wait till Monday.

Let us know how he is.

He's a lovely cat bless him.
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Oh, bless his little heart.
He's such a handsome boy.

Sending healing vibes his way.
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Max is a beauty. I hope you do find anouther vet, the first one seems fishy to me too.

Sending you prayers, hugs and {{{{{vibes}}}}} that Max starts to fell better.

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I havnt told you the whole story why we took Max to the Vet in January
He was acting wierd like stiring into space and not using his toilet
also not knowing who we were
no reaction when we come home going to the wrong side of the door to get through it
He gave us Alzeimer tablets to give him which we did and it helped a bit (the hard part was getting him to take them) he did react ok to the tablets which we only gave for two weeks in VERY small doses and he stopped being so Wierd
I will still wait till Monday he looks a lot better now (But rest assured) if he is like that again tomorro with the water I will take hime right away
Thanks for your help and a Big thanks from Max for the Luck Clover
Stuart & Max
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Awwww....what a beautiful boy. I agree with getting a second opinion from another vet. I hope things go well.
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Glad to hear he's a bit better. He looks like an older version of my Spook. Come to think of it, Spook's 11 years old now.

Seemingly cats can get a form of Alzheimers disease. I remember my brother talking about it a couple of months ago. He said it was in one of the Scottish newspapers. I live in England so didn't see it.
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Max is looking a lot better this morning and used his Toilet in the night
Could be the heat because we have had it very humid here in the Blackforest
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Hello - just checking back in on Max - I am glad to hear your report - heres sending lots of stay healthy ((((( vibes ))))) for your sweet boy !
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I'm glad he's feeling better. I'm sending him lots of healthy vibes!
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Your Max es a handsome boy!

I would think he should have his kidney functions tested and also for diabetes. That handsome boy may have a lot more time left in him than you think. I guess a full blood panel and urine test would probably give all the information necessary to diagnose and treat.

Sending healthy vibes for {({({({({(Max)})})})})} and warm hugs for his people.
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He is lovely. My daughters cat had a form of Altzhiemers for the last two years of her life(she was 21 when she died) she forgot where the food bowl was and had to have it put infront of her and had the occasional accident.The vet said she wasn't in pain just old and one day she just went to sleep in the garden and didn't wake up.
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I'm so happy to hear that Max is feeling better this morning.
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I hope your beautiful boy continues to feel better. My thoughts and prayers are with you and him.
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Pets can suffer from senile dementia, and it's quite possible that Max is, but it sounds like he may be having kidney problems, so a senior blood panel is really called for. Are you near a city in the Black Forest with a clinic that does complete workups? (We lived in Zell [near Lörrach] for a while, so I know how rural the Black Forest can be).

He's old, but with proper treatment, he may have a few more good years. In my experience, a lot of vets in rural (German) areas are more familiar with cows, pigs, and horses than with cats or dogs, so a veterinary clinic might be called for in Max's case.
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Well it looks like Max is not ready to cross the bridge
and I will not be taking him to the Vet. he looks a s right as rain now and
is eating ok and being his normal self
I cannot bring myself to take him to the Vet and ruin his day
Thanks to all of you lovely people out there and it seems that your Vibes and clovers worked for Me
here is another photo of our Max
the Blackforest cat who is feeling a lot better
LOVE from
and our Boss Max xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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How lovely to hear some good news, I hope you enjoy to the full the time you have with your beautiful boy
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That's wonderful news.
I'm so happy Max is feeling better.
He's a beautiful boy.
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That's great news!
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Max is so handsome, I am glad he's feeling better
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