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What are you suppose to do?

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What are you suppose to do? my cat who had a peeing issue (previous thread) seems to be doing a lot better since he was more stimulated and allowed to go outside (on the patio really close to home)
He is an indoor/outdoor kitty (most indoors 99% of the time) When my neighbor was outside and I guess my cat (who I have been trying to find a home for) ran past him and freaked him out a little bit because my neighbor came to knock on my door and tell me I needed to keep my cat in or he would tell the land lord ( no cats allowed). So I have called every no kill shelter from LA to Fresno & everyone is full. I understand its kitten season. I know I am not unique..but my vet wanted me to bring him in and charge 200 for a FIV test etc..so he can be adopted (he got one last year he was negative) and make sure he didn't have crystals. I cannot finanically do that. I am supporting myself etc...and as I know some people can relate to 200 here, 300 here is alot. I called my vet and explained. He basically told me " oh well.... well then you need to find him a new home.." I asked for suggestions he said to call around. I have been (15 shelters/rescue groups). It's hard because I am allergic to cats..I have tried allerpet all of that homopathetic etc....it doesn't work for me..I have had cats in the past no problem..but I have been getting worse and worse. This is not a woe is me, so I am going to stop..the bottom line is now I am feeling pressure from other people (in my life all over) to consider putting him down for his own good or just take him to a shelter. What am I suppose to do? I don't think that is right. What are you suppose to do when you realize you can't offer the best for an animal so you want to find someone who can, but you are pressured to put them down.
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Oh my, I am sorry that you are in this sticky situation

First of all I suppose you need to try to take a couple of steps back and relax If you have decided that you cannot keep this kitty then they are things you can do.

Please don't consider PTS as yet, theres still some avenues you can explore and I'm sure you'll get lots of suggestions and ideas here I'm not from the States, but some of our other members might have some web-links for you

Well something that you could do, is make some of your own posters and take them to the local shops or put them about at your work place. You could also give your posters to your friends and family and they can take them to their work place, ask them to check with their friends too. Whilst the shelters you have spoken to might not be able to take him, ask them if they would allow you to put a poster up at the shelter.

What about the local papers, you could advertise your kitty in. I do know that in the UK that if your advert is about a 'pet rescue' then they wouldn't charge. Its worth a try.

I do hope that you come up with a solution that means you can re-home your little fella

Keep us posted
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