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Kev is no longer cat-less

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Ok - I have to wait until Tuesday - however, my partner and I heard about this pair of cats at the RSPCA who have been there since January. One is called jacob - hes white and Orange and is 8 years old. The other (they are a pair) is a female thats black and white called nishka. Both have been snipped and both needing a home.
As they are a lot older than the kittens, they are having problems homing them.... so guess who is coming to live with Kev on Tuesday evening! ok, it was not that hard to guess was it? Just come back and they both looked at us, Jacob head butted me and nishka bitched that I was not fussing her as well. Both were satisfied in seconds!!!
both my partner and I are cat mad and so, we will find ourselves complete again!
Home is not a home without the sound of a purr and furr all over the place!
How many hours till Tuesday... I'm counting
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Well its about time!!

That is awesome news...They sound adorable! I can't wait to see pics
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Congrats Kev - it sounds like you have an instant family there.
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Congrats on your new furr family! Sound like they will be very happy with you. Can't wait to see pics!!
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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
Congrats on your new furr family! Sound like they will be very happy with you. Can't wait to see pics!!
you know how we all love
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Good to hear from you again Kev! We haven't seen much of you since you lost your precious girl Vicki.

The cats sound adorable and I look forward to some pics really soon!!

Assuming about noon on Tuesday, I think you are about 68 hours away.
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Two lucky kitties. I'm so happy for you. These 2 will have such a good life with you.
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awww this is wonderful! How exciting They sound beautiful and will surely bring a lot of happiness to both of you - as you will to them.
Pics, pics, pics please!
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Way to go, Kevin!
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That's wonderful! They sound precious. It's so sad to see beautiful cats sitting in cages without a home because everyone wants a kitten. Thank you for adopting these 2 babies.

Can't wait to see pictures
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Congratulations Kev. It sounds like your home will be complete again.
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, Kev! It's great to hear that you're taking in two older cats who really need a home (together).
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The black and white one is very much like Vicki was - I saw a tabby like Brandy was but he was not up for adoption yet as needed some medical care. Tuesday 15.30 gmt my other half picks em up. I will be leaving work at 17.00 - its an hour drive so will be home by 17.01 if lucky! Cant wait 59 more minutes.
Do you think cats know? Another pair of people walk in, say hello, say lots of nice things, Kev goes nuts again, fusses everything in sight, the woman says how old they are amd hard to home cause of their age. Kev and Ashley say no problem, get the paperwork and tell us the earliest they can be picked up and leave. If they could talk, wonder what they would say? maybe we are just another set of faces who they saw leave and wonder if thats the ones? The unsurety of life for them?
The woman at the RSPCA said she did not need to vet us or do a home visit. She knew after three seconds of meeting us apparently, we were genuine.
Well we are and by 16.30, they will have started a new life with heaps of BIG love.
G'night all
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Congrats to you on the new additions!!! You have plenty of time to buy new dishes, food, toys and get their new home ready!! Enjoy .
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Hope things go well with both adjusting to each other, you/partner, and new home. Make sure you get pictures ASAP!
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Wonderful! It's lovely that these cats are kept together. You're going to give them a fantastic home.
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went out last night and wet the babies heads. I know that they are 8 and 6 but what the heck. I am so hung over this morning
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Just come back from the RSPCA - wanted to go say hello to them both again, have a few minutes bonding time. Both cats seemed happy to see us, we learnt more about their past, we were fussed, head butted, purred at. Nishka just lay there enjoying the attention before I thought my nose was broke when she head butted it. Jacob (I am so laid back) just lay there and adored the attention.
I managed to take the camera with me and took some photos - wil print them this evening.
Had to come back as hangover is hell!
Great bonding time though. Pure Purrfection and the staff at the centre are thrilled that these two are going to new home and were even more thrilled taht we had called by on spec to say hi again.
Am off to bed, nurse this hangover and curl up three times before going to sleep.
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I am glad you are adopting these 2 - they sound lovely! I am sure that they will be a wonderful addition to your family.
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Congrats on the two new kitties!

I can't wait to see pictures of them. I am sure they know they are coming home with you soon. They will be thrilled
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Congratulations on the new furbabies, can't wait to see pictures.
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Congrats!!! and how wonderful that you are giving a home to 2 adult kitties. I just know these two will make your house a home again.
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