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New cat ran away last night...

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Yesterday we decided to adopt a cute female tortoiseshell cat from a girl who was having to give all four of her cats away. I brought her home yesterday evening and put her in our laundry room with food, water, litter box, toys, bed, etc. She seemed like SUCH a sweet cat... she was hanging out behind the washing machine and scared to come out, but whenever I would go in there and talk to her, she would start purring and roll over on her back. She seemed like such a sweetheart.

Anyway, when I went to check on her at 5:00 this morning, she was gone. She managed to open the laundry room door just far enough to get out. I KNEW I should have locked that d**** door!! We have a cat door right outside the laundry room door and apparently she knows how to use them because she's nowhere in the house. I'm so bummed... I imagine the chances of her coming back are pretty slim. When I went in to check on her this morning, I noticed some of her food had been eaten and the litter box had been used. We have two other cats so it could have (and probably) was them, but I keep hoping it was her that ate the food and used the litter box because I keep thinking if she was comfortable enough to eat, then maybe she'd be comfortable enough to come back??

Anyway, I just feel so bad for her being outside all alone with nothing to eat. Poor kitty.
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That is sad BUT maybe if you can leave the door of your laundry open, the cat should definitely come back for she knows that there is food there.
Keep my fingers crossed.
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Hopefully she returns.
but there is no big point of you going out and trying to call on her. she doesnt know you.
A human trap may perhaps be useful. Do set up posters.
- If she is used to be outside, she may try to go back to her old home.
If she is pure indoor cat, she is probably hiding somewhere near.

May also you ask the former owner for help... she can hopefully call on the cat...
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