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Are catnip bubbles safe?

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I just got some catnip bubbles as a gift, and it looks like it might be fun to try. But I'm wondering if it would be safe for them if they happen to catch one and eat it?
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If you have the same kind that I have, it is made up of water, soap and catnip oil. Of course there are warnings on the jar that they shouldn't be injested and may irritate their eyes.

I have used them with mine and frankly they weren't all that interested enough to try to eat them. I pulled out the jar when you asked the question and am considering throwing the jar away as it isn't that satisfying of a toy for them. Besides, they leave little soap rings when they pop that you have to clean up when done.

Try it out - I can' see how it will do harm, and please tell if they like them more than mine did.
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What I have is a little gun type thing called Bubble Kitty. I looked at the bottle, but there are no warnings of any kind. The pkg just says "Safe for pets, and people too!" The person who gave it to me said they never saw their cat go crazier than for the catnip bubbles. I'll give it a try later (they're in sleep mode right now) and let you know if they like it.
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Jaffa loves his catnip bubbles It's so funny watching him get ready to pounce only for the bubble to disapper just as he's about to go for it
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I tried them a couple of years ago, and my cats were afraid of them! Bailey was the only one who even tried to play with them. Silly cats!
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We got Karma some for Christmas, she acted like she saw an alien. I have never seen her run away so fast. She hid in the closet for an hour and would not come out. She acted like they were going to eat her. Now we use then as a training method, like the vaccum. I am sure they are safe, the only thing that I think could happen would be a tummy ache like if we ingested soap, but I think the cat would need to drink the whole bottle for it to matter.
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I bought a bottle a while ago, and it turned out my kitty was terrified of them too. But as soon as the bubbles were gone, she would run over and lick the spot where they landed on the carpet
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Odo's afraid of them. I think the first time I tried them, one popped when he tried to sniff it, and ever since, he runs from the room when I open the bottle. Willow sometimes looks amused, and sometimes looks bored by them.
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They didn't get much of a response at all from my babies...but the catnip spray is a BIG hit!
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Okay, well, they watched with interest as I strewed bubbles around. Swanie got up and went to check one out. It popped when he sniffed it, and he backed off. That was it. Definitely not a huge hit.
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My daughter spilled my bottle of catnip bubbles. Now I have a cat who sits in that spot constantly. It looks so funny because it's in the middle of the floor. My cats never went crazy for the catnip bubbles though...
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