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OMG. HELP! Some sort of worm?? BLACH!

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So, this morning I was petting the new cat and she was pretty happy and had her tail head high. Well, NOT that I was looking, really, but I saw like this white/off-color string-like thing hanging out of her booty. At a closer look, I could see it move like you might see an earthworm do.

I freaked out (I've NEVER seen that before....EVER).....but I am guessing it is some sort of worm and I am LIVID. I was specifically told that the cat was DEWORMED (from the Humane Society) and now here I am with a worm thing...and hoping that the other cat doesn't get it.

UGH. My first thought was tapeworm (I was told, too, she was given a flea-killer that starts with a C...Caplet or something??), but I don't know. Would any other worm do this????? What do I do??? Would you call the Humane Society back and make them take care of this since they are the ones that told me she was set????? I feel so bad!!!!!!
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I would get her in to see your vet and THEN get the paperwork and hound them to reimburse you.
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Look at your contract. Cats adopted from the HS here, once they go home, the HS is no longer responsible for any vet care(people were sticking us with big vet bills that were their responsibiblity).

Honestly, tapeworms are common. The standard de-wormer we use at the HS here does not kill tapeworm. We only deworm for tapeworms when we see one, which does not always happen.

I'd call your own vet to take care of this. Tapeworm is pretty common in stray cats. It's like $10, tops to take care of this.
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Over here in the UK Drontal Worm Tablets are good as they kill both Roundworm and Tapeworm (and a few others I think).

No need to panic as worms are common in cats (and dogs). There's also Panacur which is very good for kittens and again is inexpensive. Your own vet will give you good advice. Just like treating for fleas, treat your other cat for worms too at the same time.
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