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Healing vibes for QT please

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QT just had a minor surgery. Some years ago she broke her leg. Then yesterday she tore her skin where the break was. The vet had to sew her up again. She cries a little when she tries to stand up now. She needs your healing vibes please. Shoo away her pain pleeease .
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Poor thing! Lots of {{{{{soothing pets and healing vibes}}}}} for QT!
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awe that poor baby !! Sending many many good, quick, and healing vibes for that cutie

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sending lots of vibes.
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Poor baby QT! Here's some {{{healing vibes}}} for your precious girl!
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)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
Poor thing!...absolutely count with my prayers and good wishes for soon recovery!
keep us updated about it!
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Poor Baby.
Sending any prayers and vibes your way.

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Poor sweetie. She's a beauty! Lots of vibes for a fast recovery.
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Quick healing vibes for QT on the way.
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aww sweet QT, what ya been up to - take care sweetheart

lots of positive soothing and get well (((((( vibes )))))) whizzing over from Spain !
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Aw, darlin... no more pain at all, sweetheart, it's just going away now...
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Sweet QT, sending lots and lots of healing and pain free vibes.
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Lots of {{{vibes}}} for QT!
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OMG!! :cry:
Hope the lil' cutie is up and playing tag again soon.
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Sending lots of healing vibes for QT.
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She's beautiful! I hope she feels better really soon
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Poor baby - I will send healing vibes her way!
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I'm sending lots of vibes for QT. How's she doing, Maria?
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