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My Cats!

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Hey everyone, im new here and thought id share my cats
The black and white one is Sky, and the brown multicolored one is Sweetpea They are both girls.

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HI and welcome.
You have 2 beautiful girls X
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Oh how sweet! Hi there! Nice to meet you!
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Awww, they are both so precious! I just love the smug look on Sweet Pea's face, so adorable!
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Thank you all I really wish I knew the breed, my mom said they are a mix of alot of things, a mix of what? I have no clue! lol
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Love the markings on both of them , they are just gorgeous
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They are gorgeous
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What beautiful kitties!
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I love them - they are beautiful.
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Sweetpea looks like a DMH(Domestic Medium Hair) tortoiseshell. Sky looks like a DSH(Domestic Short Hair) black & white. They are your basic "moggie" or mixed breed. But none the less gorgeous!!
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