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cat-proof fence?

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I'm not sure where else to post this...

Is there such thing as a cat-proof fence? I live in an apartment right now, so I don't have a yard and my cat never goes outside, but in a few months I will be moving to the country, out in the middle of nowhere. People tell me I should just let my cat wander around, but who knows what stray dogs or coyotes are out there!

So... I'm wondering if there's a cat-proof fence that I could fence my yard with. I will need to fence it anyway because I have two dogs and a toddler, none of which I want running away unsupervised! I was going to use a wire mesh fence with metal t-posts. It will need to be pretty tall as one of my dogs has demonstrated that he can jump a pretty high fence. I'm thinking at least 6-7 feet... It seems like that would be pretty hard for a cat to climb...

I have considered a covered cat run, but if I found the appropriate fence, I could give her a larger space to explore...

Oh yeah, has anyone ever tried the invisible fencing or electric fencing? Would that perhaps work in combination with the wire mesh fencing?

Thanks in advance!
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It will be a while before I get to have a yard but If I did this is the one I would look into.

It looks like it would work very well. Hopefully someone will come along and give you some more ideas.
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IMO you don't NEED to be letting the cat outside just cause you move. We lived in the country; except for the barn cats, the other cats that were pedigree and the last kitten we kept from the litters was totally indoors - never outside.

I would not bother trying to put up a fence to keep the cat in - fences are for dogs, not cats. The electronic fence is made for dogs - not for cats. If you really insist on letting the cat out, then invest in the cat enclosures or train to harness/leash.
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I use Affordable Cat Fencing We've had it in place since December and it is wonderful. No escapes and only one attempt on the first day by my former feral who was used to having free reign (he adjusted within 3 days.) My youngest cat (11 mos now) has never even attempted an escape.

My cats are so healthy and happy. They climb trees, hunt for bugs and let themselves in and out through a pet flap. It's wonderful.

The only thing I would caution you about would be for you to be almost certain you'll never be returning to apartment living. If so, it would be cruel to give the cats a taste of freedom, only to have to "imprison" them again later.

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You could get the pur-fect fence people are talking about, I don't think it would keep dogs or kids in though. It doesn't look too sturdy. If you really want to let your pet out and want it to be safe I would buy or build an outside 100% inclosed pen for your cat to jump out the window and play in an outside pen. Then if a dog or any other dangerous animal came to get your kitty it would be safe and also would be able to jump right back into your house.

I would like to build something like this but make it so that when I open a window that cats can walk right out into this pen. I would also put screening around the pen so bugs don't get into the house while the kitties are out playing.
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My link isn't working I guess

Here is a picture of what I mean
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