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Semi Miracle but vibes needed to make it full

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So as you all know my beloved car died, it was pick up this morning, we were paid $150 for so not all was lost.

Here is the miracle part. My DH belongs to a forum on line that is dedicated to skateboards. Once a week all the people get together in San Diego to skate together and share tips and things. It quite fun, I go every time I am off. Well on of the members, who helped teach me how to carve and ride downhill, called us shortly after car was picked up. We were both a bit distraught having to watch our baby be towed away so my DH said he would call him back later. Fast forward hours. We are having lunch at my work and DH calls the guy back. Well......

He has a 1998 Acrua Integra sitting in his driveway that needs a new battery, the brakes were replaced last year and it had regular tuneups, works like a dream, except the battery does not hold a charge. He was going to give it to his son but his sons mom bought him a new car so now it just takes up space. He offered it to my DH for, get this,....

$1.00 yup thats right ONE DOLLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All we have to do is get a new battery, get it registered and pass smog. All in all it will cost us about $100. So we got $150 for our car and will be able to get a new car and still have $50 left.

Here is where I need the vibes. My DH still has to go to court for a fix it ticket(expired tags on old car). Please send vibes the judge just has him pay the base fine of $30 and not the full fine of $100, big difference but I have heard they can do that sometimes. Also please send vibes that nothing else happens in the next week to any of us so we have the extra money to get the new car. We thought for sure hat it would be a year or more before we could get a car, its strange how things work. I hope all goes well and by next week end we have it.

Oh yea luckely my DH had not canceled the insurance for the other car so we should just be able to transfer the insurance over, he is going to wait untill we know where we stand for sure.
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Wow! That's awesome!!!!

*Sending out lots of positive vibes that it works out for you*
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Amazing how things can work out sometimes! Here's some low fine vibes !
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Wow... the two of you are in my thoughts and prayers.
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I hope it works out in your favor!
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Sending lots vibes! I hope it really works out for you! We all need that break in life, right? Good luck & lots of vibes coming your way.
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Wow!! That guy was an angel!! Sending lots of good vibes and hoping the judge is in a good mood that day. Do you know what the circumstances are for the judge to charge the max $100?
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I wish I did, I think it boils down to how the judge is feeling and if he likes you or not. Traffic court is never fun.
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Lots of for you and lots of for the guy selling you the car. What a nice guy!

Everything is going to work out great
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Wow - that would be fabulous! Good luck!
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