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eye snots

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how come some cats have it and others don't?

Should I just use a warm washcloth with water on my baby's face to get it off?
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Hey there-

Could you give us some more information on this cat? Breed- what exactly are you seeing? Is it once a day or?? Has the cat been to the vet and been treated? Are the meds not working?
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she's a mutt.

you know, some animals get it once in awhile - dog, cat, whatever.

I don't have a picture but this is stuff that they sell for dogs to clean it:

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What what mix of a breed do you think she is, just give a guess, that could help clue us in to a reason for this.

How long has the cat been like this, and is it all day long, or just maybe a couple times a week? Is it gooie or crusty?

Have you spoken to your vet to make sure she doesn't have something wrong, like a uri? For the time being a warm wash cloth and a gentle hand should work fine.
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This is MtnBikerChk's husband here.

The cat is really not that bright, in case that helps. :tounge2:
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uhhh, actually I don't think that has a thing to do with what were trying to figure out.
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they are calling her a domestic short hair but her fur is on the longer side.

she just came home from the vet and I'm sure she is fine although we didn't discuss it.

its not every day - it's like once in awhile.
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She has a cute face!

If it is crusty, it is an eye infection, if it is gooey it more then likely related to a URI (upper respitory infection) and antibiotics will clear it up. The vet can also give you ointment for her eyes. If you see it occuring, a warm cloth will wipe it away.
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it's not just this?

"'Tear staining' is a common problem with particular breeds of cats, especially Persians, and can get unsightly if not taken care of. Tears are bactericidal, which means they kill the bacteria that can cause infections of the eye. Normally, tears flow across the surface of the eye and quickly drain through the tear duct. This discoloration at the corners of the eyes is caused by normal tears that spill out and lay on the surrounding hair. For breeds that tend to have tear stains, you could clean hair in affected areas at least weekly with a tear stain remover product."
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It could be, but she is not the breed that normally gets this type of malady. A vet check would be a good idea if it doesn't clear up. It is not life-threatening, but it should be looked at by a professional.

Also, the flatter-nosed breeds of cats get these tear-stains often. The reason is the sinus passages are smaller and causes a build-up of fluids inside the cat resulting in the unsightly stains.
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my two birmans have this too. i checked with the vet when i had them in a couple of weeks ago and she said that some cats have this. it is nothing to be concerned about. she just took her fingernail and worked loose the crusty around their eyes. so i have been doing the same, just being really careful!
i thought they had some sort of eye infection too. but i guess that some cats just have this.
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I have noticed some animals have crusties now and then, almost like us and our sleepy seeds, but it doesn't always mean that there is an infection going on of some kind.

If you feel worried about it, just call up your vet, discribe what you see, how it feels, and how often it occours, and your vet can decide whether it's something to worry about or not.
Some cats can have eye problems due to allergies, including food allergies as well.
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Ivo gets eye boogers every now and then, too. Her eyes don't seem to bother her, and she doesn't have any symptoms of an upper respiratory infection either. If it's infrequent, my feeling is that it's similar to what you may get every now and then. Maybe your cat just got something irritating in it's eye, like dust. Of course, if it's something that concerns you, you should bring it up to your vet.
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OMG she looks almost exactly like my Boo!!!

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Thanks guys.

Don't let that sweet face fool you - she's the troublemaker too!
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My Cooper gets little boogers too....
I lick my finger and wipe 'em off....

She loves it!!

Someone once told me to clean your kittens face with your own spit, that way they accocate your scent as their mommy...?!?

Anyone heard the same?!

Spit (very classy word!!!)

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I thought all cats got sleep in their eyes and you just wipe it off if they don't get it themselves when they wash their face. Any cat I've had has always had it. Unless you're talking about something else....
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