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Grocery Inspector

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Daphne takes grocery inspection very seriously

Please let me know if photos take a long time to load on dial-up. I can make them "thinner".
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awe she is just such a cutie, she is such a good inspector !! What a gorgeous girl She is def growing soo fast

Now just imagine grocery day, with 6 cats and 2 labs at my house it can be veryyyy interesting
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I love that last one! It looks like she approves of your purchases.
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Look at her! she is such a funny girl. I love the 5th picture, she looks like she is telling you there is a problem there.

She definitely has Tortitude.
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aww Daphne were you picking your lunch menu out
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"Meowmy! You didn't buy any kitty treats!"
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What a beautiful helper you have there...
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So I take it you had pasta tonight??
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She's just looking to make sure there's something for her in all that. Tuna, perhaps?
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Does the inspector approve?
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awww those pics are so cute ......... I like the first one where she has the handle around her body

This one is just precious!

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Looks like she does a very thorough job! Wonder how closely she'd inspect a bag of juicy steaks?
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She is the cutest little inspector I have ever seen.
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