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Spoiled animals

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Iam just curious how other people spoil their animals,not only cats but any animal.My cats,dog,rabbit all have there own bedroom(i think that is spoiled).
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Jello is a shih'tzu and being a high maintenance breed he is supposed to be spoiled.

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He is a cutie
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I gave both a sofa and a queen sized waterbed to my greyhound to sleep in. Grey's are really boney and like cushy spots to sleep. My current 2 boys don't have beds because they use the sofa. They're spoiled.
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NONE of my animals are spoiled I am just WELL TRAINED...hehehe
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my dogs get to go for car rides all the time weather permitting. they don't go when it's freezing or if it's too hot. they get free roam of the house..so do the cats. my hound sleeps on our couch all the time and we don't care. my cats hog my bed with me sleeping at night. Buster, our hound hogs my parent's bed at night when they are sleeping on it. they get hamburgers from wendy's sometimes, too. no, not spoiled at all. and they get dog biscuits every night and the cats aren't huge on cat treats so I usually give the cats a can of wet cat food to share. but not all the time of course since they have sensitive tummies. it's their special treat but they love the chicken flavor whisker lickens. so I buy those once in awhile.
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My cats aren't spoiled. I'm very grateful that they spoil me. I'm allowed to sleep in the bed. They don't claw me to pieces if I'm late with food. They usually let me use the computer. They tell all their friends about my book, Cat-House Sonnets, 100 poems celebrating cats. They clean their bowls so I don't really have to wash them. They keep my lap warm even on the hottest days. They sometimes let me sit in my recliner. They allow me to be amused by them, and they love me as much as I do them.
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Never heard of such a thing...of course I DO NOT spoil my furkids. I mean just because my Lab, Tal sleeps in bed with me, gets a ton of attention...oh no he is not spoiled.

And Midnight, she has no toy on the place and will definitely not get her a new cat tree. I never pet her either. Spoiled? Surely you're kidding, right?

When I die I want to come back as one of my pets! lol
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