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New Flea Product

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Was really interesting this morning on Montel show. He had teen inventors and one that caught my attention was "Flea Tea". The girls were on the show and explained that their cat lost all her fur due to traditional flea treatments; so they looked on the internet and found a lot of natural and herbal remedys that repel or kill fleas.

Long story short they mixed these together and put them in a bag - similiar to a large tea bag (hense the name). They have a website and thought some of you that had flea problem might be interested in checking it out.

They had lots of people in their neighborhood (friends, family) try this for dogs and cats and all had great results.

Their website is:

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Hmm. Sounds like it might be a good alternative for people whose pets have skin allergies .
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I couldn't find anything on their website that indicates what the ingredients are so I would be very hesitant to use it. Some of the herbal remedies for fleas like Pennyroyal oil are actually toxic to cats.
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I suppose if you wanted to find out, you could email them. They seemed like smart young women that did a lot of research and apparently its been tested on both dogs/cats with good results. After all, they had a problem with their cat with other flea products (losing fur) and I'm sure if it works on their cat with no problems, it would be safe
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