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New Kitty-Need Help!!

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I have just got a new kitty named Sassy, she is nine months old and is a gray and white long hair, she is just beautiful, she is spayed and has been declawed on all four (although I don't agree w/declawing), she was listed in the paper, to give away to good home. I knew I could give her that GOOD HOME. I have been thinking of getting another kitty for along time now. When I saw this, I couldn't resist, seems the mother has allergies and just could not tolerate her any longer.

Question is: Since my two are inside/outside cats, should I go about the introduction as I have read in this section?

Right now she is enclosed in my bedroom w/food, water and her literbox. She is under the bed and won't come out. I have been in several times and sat on the floor next to the bed and been trying to coax her out. But, she will not.

Katie and Black have been in for awhile tonight, then right back out, it is almost like they know something is going on. They usually come in after dark and stay until morning time. Katie likes to sleep with me at night. Should I keep her locked out tonight because Sassy is under the bed?

As you can tell, this is all new to me, any advice and suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

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Well having other cats that go in and out is not a good thing when introducing cats. They can bring in new scents which may make the process longer. And the fact she is 4-pawed declawed she can NEVER go outside!

If you want to introduce them the quickest, then your other cats will have to inside only for awhile till everyone adjusts.
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Coaxing her out from her "safe spot" will not really help. Let her adjust to the new environment on her own. It may take longer because being declawed she knows she is defenseless against fully clawed cats. It's really so sad
Yes, you may have to keep out Katie for the sake of Sassy but remember Katie may feel ignored and you must make extra effort to reassure her she is not.
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Well, all went well last night, Sassy decided to come out from underneath the bed around 1:00 a.m., we played for about an hour and then she went back underneath the bed, not to be seen this morning yet. Katie knew there was someone in the bedroom and decided to claw at the door, I came out of the room and slept w/Katie on the couch. Then out she went after having breakfast at 5:15 am.

Black came to the bedroom door this morning, only to tell me he was hungry and then back to the couch he went. Both have been down the hallway this morning and sat at the door for just a minute and then came back to the living room.

Can't wait to see what the day brings.

Thanks Again for the advice,
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