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Snow Day!

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Well, we are having our first snow day of the season, already about 2 inches of snow here. And it isnt even winter yet!
Peedoodle has obviously never seen snow before, I invited him to come outside to take a look but he wouldnt, just stood in the doorway and sniffed. I then grabbed a handful of snow and let him sniff it, no interest there. I guess he could feel it was too cold and theres no way that kitty likes to be cold LOL.
But it looks pretty outside, its like a postcard scene (c:
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We've already had two snow falls here on Cape Cod, with another 4 inches scheduled for tomorrow. When its hot and humid in the summer I'm always saying I can't wait for winter. But now I say, where the heck is summer!!!!!!!!!!:tounge2:
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No snow here yet, but the weather channel says it will start tonight. I'll believe it when I see it!! I would love to have a snow day, actually a delayed start to school would be perfect. I live only 2 blocks away, so I could come in early and get a lot of work done.

Daniela, I feel the same about summer and winter, but I do prefer warmer weather.
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I hate snow! To me the 3 worst 4 letter words in the English language are SNOW, COLD, WORK. Their order may vary depending on the day. Let's just say if it is a snowy, cold work day I am a very unhappy camper.
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We had one snow fall, in the evening and into the night, only about half an inch total I'd say, but by morning the only traces of it, were on a couple select lawns.

Were suppost to be getting 4-6 tonight however!!

I'm not sure what the whether is suppose to be like around here, we just moved to this region 2 months ago, in NW Maryland, near the Appilation Mts.

Either way I grew up in Maine, snow is no big deal to me!
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I'm not sure what the whether is suppose to be like around here, we just moved to this region 2 months ago, in NW Maryland, near the Appilation Mts.
Well, I grew up outside Baltimore, and we didn't get that much snow. The mountains can be a different story. Cities such as Frostburg and Cumberland would get many storms a winter. I guess it depends where in the mountains you live, and whether you are in a valley or up the mountain.
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I guess I would say that I'm in a valley? I'm really not sure.

On my way up here once before we officially moved, I got lost and wound up driving around part of the appilation trail, which was just east of Hagerstown, and we are about an hour East of Hagerstown, and about 15 miles south of Hanover, PA. So I dunno if that tells you anything! lol
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I miss snow! I've only been out on the west coast less than two years (moved from the northeast) and I certainly don't miss the wind and rain and general coldness, but I miss the snow a lot! It isn't as fun when you have to actually leave the house LOL but I would kill for just one day of lots and lots of snow! Guess I need to plan a trip to the mountains or something soon for my fix.
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We've had quite a bit of snow already this year. Our first snow we got about 6-8 inches, I think. The ski resorts are loving it. Many were able to open earlier than planned and they already have more snowpack now then they did last spring after the "snow season".

The first time my kitties saw snow, Trent was trying to catch the snowflakes and then couldn't understand where they went when he did catch one in his mouth. LOL Ophelia didn't care, but it was so cute to see her tiny little paw prints in the snow on our balcony. She has tiny little feet, so it looked like kitten prints.
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Originally posted by Adymarie
Let's just say if it is a snowy, cold work day I am a very unhappy camper.
Ady, we seem to feel the same way about winter! I live in Minnesota and so far, we have had two light dustings of snow which came just this week. I absolutely can't stand snow or cold weather, and Alberta Clippers are the worst!!!!!!!
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Here in Delaware we are expecting our first snowfall tonight actually! :tounge2: They are saying we will get anywhere from 4-6 inches. Yippee!!!

I can't wait to see how Jedi reacts to the snow. He never goes outside, but I may let him out with me just to see how he looks as a "snow bunny". Sooooooo cute!
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Bring the camera with you if you take Jedi out! You must document Kitty's First Snow!!
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Asim and Isha used to come outside and sit on the porch and watch me shovel a few times during the winter, they hadn't seen snow until then.
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I got a sunburn today hanging my christmas lights..........
80º here in the Sunshine State......

LOL! I need to see snow.....

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Kiwideus, what area of NC are you in? I am on the coast south of the the Outer Banks, and we are getting rain and sleet. Yuck! I would rather have snow any time!
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I am in the mountains, in a little town near Asheville.
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I'm jealous!
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LOL! I need to see snow.....

I'm sorry, but I just don't feel bad for you Although Cleveland doesn't get nearly as much snow as our Colorado friends do, lake effect storms can be a pain in the a$$. It started snowing here on Saturday, and really didn't stop until today. I live on the edge of the snowbelt, and have over 6 inches (not counting the ice and sleet we had Sunday). I'm still getting used to it being sunny and snowing buckets at the same time. And although this happens every winter, there are still IDIOTS on the road who don't know how to drive! (very slowly and VERY carefully) I'm glad I only work 5 miles from home!
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Lucky you! You are in the pretty part. I live in what used to be a swamp with 60 thousand Marines.
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In Australia, we're into our 5th official day of summer, and Sydney is burning down (lots of bushfires already). It's about 34Celcius, or 93Farenheit.

I WISH we had a snow day

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Ooooooh!!!! I want SNOW!!!!! I want it I want it I want it!!! Gimme gimme gimme!!!! Its just cold here, we had ice on the roads and pavements this morning (making it fun to walk to work.. :laughing: ), but no snow! So, if anyone has any spare.... send it my way!
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Do we still get snow? I always thought it was slush

It was great when I was a young 'un, we'd get snow 3-4ft deep. The last snowfall of that size was in 1994, all the buses were stopped and we had to walk 3 miles home.
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Ah yes, the good old days eh BuNN?? I remeber making a huge snowman in the front garden when I was little, even the milkman said it was the best snowman he'd seen!! :laughing: it was taller than me!!
Yep, its generally just slush, but I have to say, the snow in Leicester is better than the snow in Southampton! (Hampshire) there you're lucky if you even get SLUSH!! and if you do, its just brown mush, not even white... :laughing:
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