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Post a cat & dog photo.

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Here's one of Elmo using Custard as a pillow

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Custard is soooo beautiful!

BTW: Have you checked out our picture forums yet?
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Sorry, I didn't realise there was a picture forum, I didn't spot it.
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Old photo of Jello and Skinny playing tug-of-war

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It looks like your doggy is wining
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This is Piper and Prue, sharing Piper's dinner of kibble,lol.

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Originally Posted by DaydreamJay View Post
Sorry, I didn't realise there was a picture forum, I didn't spot it.
It's ok, we're all new at one point I just thought I'd mention it to you, in case you didn't know. Click here to go to the picture thread!
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Here's Charlie and Keno playing with a toy.
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Buttercup and Gizmo. I just woke them up from a nap!

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Sam (dog) feeling rejected because I won't allow him to play with Da Bird:

Stumpy laughs at Spike outside in the cold:

Bogart (kitten, also my avatar) tries to grab a nibble out of Doug's bowl:

Sam sleeping with Spanky and Muddy:
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What adorable pictures! My dog P-Chan and Evie are just barely starting to sleep with their butts touching... I have pictures I'd love to post, but not on this computer! I'll have to edit later, but wanted to compliment you all on your lovely fur families!
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I don't have a dog friend right now so cannot contribute. Love this thread, though Beautiful photos!
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Cassie Girl and Gizmo (Rare pic since Cassie does not really care to snuggle with the feline family)

Charmin loves her Hanna. She is my sons cat and when he moved he took Charmin with him. I miss her but I know she is in good hands

And I think these two count

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I don't have a dog right now, but this is a photo of my aunt's dog Gilligan, & her cat Mr. Salty.

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Originally Posted by AsecretK View Post
Gizmo has the same look on her face that my Sam gets when he is asking me for something. Definitely wanting to share, but embarrassed that he is begging, but also on constant alert in case something accidentally falls on the floor.

Cute families everyone!!
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Cute pics everyone! Unfortunately I don't have any pics of Tanner and the cats yet, they haven't gotten all the friendly yet haha.
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I have got some to share

I have more, just got to find them!!
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These are such cute pics!

Here's the latest Meggie and Mattie pic:

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Nice thread! Beautiful pics everyone!
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What a great thread! Wonderful photos, really put a smile on my face!

If I owned Custard, I'd use him as a pillow too.
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With Coal in the foreground he looks even tubbier than normal! Ebony and Marcel are on the dog bed

Ebony & Frodo

Cubbers & Ebony

Ebony & Quarter

Ok...I'll stop now! Ebony gets along with the kitties so well!
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Oh my goodness these are just too cute for words!. Their so precious
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what a great idea for a thread - wonderful photos, so sweet
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Great pictures
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Here's a pic of Yannik and Kagome sleeping.

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Aww, they're "yin and yang".
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Awwww, I love these kinds of threads, especially ever since we got Molly (our first kitty who actually likes my dog, Jake). Now that we get to see how they interact with each other, I'm a fanatic about looking at other people's pictures and stories.

These two are my favorite, of Jake and Molly looking out the window (well, Molly was looking out the window and Jake was staring at her, which was pretty much all he did 24/7, but at one point something outside caught his eye and I got these two pictures, lol)

I think this best explains how he feels about a cat finally liking him lol

He was so enthralled with Molly that, when Christmas came a month after her arrival, he was tempted to climb the Christmas tree with her (he didn't get further than leaping on the couch, though, lol)

Poor boy was so panicky that she was leaving him, lol

And a couple of others (Molly jumped onto the couch to rest, and Jake surprised me by jumping on the couch after her, since he doesn't care about lounging on the couch)

Heh, look at "The Eye." I think it says a lot about Molly's personality that she didn't go screaming for the hills after just a month of constant staring, lol
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LOL! Those are so cute!
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Originally Posted by MuleNag View Post
Ebony & Frodo
This is the best pic ever! You should send it into some contest or something!
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These are SOOOOOOO cute!
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