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Where do you buy your shorts? I am between Junior and Petite's. The Juniors are way too short for my taste & Petite's well are not my style either. I just can't find anything that fits right. The Junior shorts might as well be underwear.
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Shopping on an island is very limited and anything you buy, you see someone else wearing it, too, so I like Lands End. The duty is very reasonable and the quality is good, and I can get wardrobe basics that no one else is wearing. They have longer shorts, too.
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I like long shorts and women's are never long enough for my taste.
I like em to at least go to my knees preferably cover my knees.

I love men's Levi's cargo and walking shorts, they are comfortable, and they are a length I like.
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I can never find shorts that look right on me! I have a big bum with skinny legs, so they always look funny.
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Since I work outside shorts are essential but not too short (lots of bending) and must be stretchy. Sporting goods types of stores (like Dicks) is a good place to look. But I agree Lands End has really good stuff!
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